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5 Tips on How to Effectively Use Instagram for Lawyers

Instagram for Lawyers

When it comes to social media effectiveness for law firms, the usual suspects take the lions share. There’s Facebook, of course, and LinkedIn; but does social media for law firms stop there? The answer should be no, but in practice

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How to Do YouTube SEO for Software Training Videos

how to do youtube seo

It’s amazing how the Internet is so intertwined with our lives that we can’t imagine our lives without it. Social media, search engines, and billions of websites, have us literally entrapped in the web. We use it for work, we

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How to Market Your Law Firm Online

How to Market Your Law Firm

Law firm marketing has come a long way from ads placed in newspapers, the Yellow Pages, and other static media. Law firms advertising online reach a far wider audience with a greater range of demographics. However, placing ads is not

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Viva Video: Create and Use Video Content

The explosion of online content has created a dilemma on how to stand out from the crowd. There are so many content sources that cater to audiences from a few die-hards to millions and millions of subscribers and viewers. If

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Google’s Mobile First and Your SEO: What You Need to Know

We’ve often said that there’s no set-it-and-forget-it in SEO. It’s a continuously evolving set of standards that can leave you behind if you take your attention off of it. Google’s long anticipated shift to “mobile first” – that is the

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Digital Marketing Agency and Client relationship – Can It Be Saved?

There are few things more frustrating than putting your all into a relationship, and having it go awry. This is true whether it is a personal or business relationship. In digital marketing, one of the biggest problems in a professional relationship

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