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Writing the SEO Friendly Blog

Writing for effective SEO and writing an engaging blog post are not two divergent goals. You can do both! First, let’s talk about what writing is – it’s a skill, and one that you have to learn. It takes practice,

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Make Your Business Blog a Go-To

Connecting with customers is more than advertising or marketing. Connection is about communicating. The era of monodirectional advertising is and has been over for some time.  People looking at your products and services want to go deeper than your latest

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It’s Not Just a Soapbox: Why Your Firm Needs a Blawg

Who are you? As a potential client navigates the internet looking for an attorney, it’s a question that you’re going to need to answer. Since 2014, when a Thompson-Reuters and study found the most popular way to find an

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5 Ways to Avoid Spinning Your Wheels While Blogging

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Boosting your blog into view isn’t as easy as “If you write it, they will come.” There are millions of other bloggers out there who have been at this for a long time and have taken steps to get results

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What a Blog Can Do for Your Business

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If you’re trying to establish your business online, one of the best ways to do so is to start up a blog. Not just a blog posting whatever strikes your fancy at the time, of course, but a blog dedicated

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Rinse and Repeat: Sharing Your Blog the Right Way


Your business should already have a blog, but marketing that blog can often be a bit confusing, if not aggravating. You should always share each new blog post through your company’s various social media accounts, from Facebook to Twitter, but

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