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What is Marketing Strategy and Why Your Small Business Needs It?

What is Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is not just for big business. You don’t need an in-house marketing department to put together an effective marketing strategy for your small business. A marketing strategy is a plan for reaching out to a targeted demographic and

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The Advantages of Marketing Automation

The Advantages of Marketing Automation

There’s not much that’s more direct than an email, and in the history of the internet, it’s a fair bet that more people have clicked to open a marketing email than on any other form of advertising. Whether it’s B2B

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Marketing Fairy Tales: Set It and Forget It Marketing

You can call it living in a post-fact world, or you can call it alternative facts. Whatever you happen to be calling it, you might as well let me tell you this upfront. There is no such thing as set

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It’s How You Say It: 10 Words and Phrases that Make and 10 that Break Your Marketing Campaign

Even in the age of digital marketing not everything is SEO. What you say and how you say it is every bit as important as how you choose your ad buys and your keywords. I have to confess, I do

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5 Dos and 5 Don’t of Small Biz Promotions

As a small business, you a lot more advantages when it comes to doing your own promotions. You can be more creative, experiment little more, and find out what really works for building your brand. However, there are some do’s

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Champagne Marketing on Coca Cola Budget

When you’re first starting a business, you budget seems to have more line items than you have budget. Marketing might seem beyond your reach, and it may be for the time being. You might be able to afford some consultations

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The Art of War and the Marketer. Part 1: Creating Native Marketing (Marketing That Doesn’t Feel Like Marketing)

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”  ~ Sun Tzu By now, most Internet users are wise to the ways of marketing, and kind of annoyed by it. The ubiquity of advertising means that many

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