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Website Building Platforms vs Custom Design

You need a website and you need one now: this is usually the sense of urgency involved when building an online presence for your company – especially if you are starting from scratch. The need to have something done right

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$500 Websites: What They Don’t Tell You

Paying a flat fee of $500 for your company’s website may seem like a great offer, especially when you consider the other expenses involved with operating and promoting your business.  This deal is offered by numerous design and development companies

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Reality Check: Hire Experts when You Need Expertise

There are websites and website designers that would have you believe that you can build a fully functional website DIY, or get one for about the same as an Ektorp sofa at Ikea. Yes, you can get a website for

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5 Website Design Trends for 2017

As we close out 2016, the internet is evolving again. Some of us are old enough to remember when this was the first website. That’s a lot of change in just a couple of decades. The web is changing to

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