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Social Media 101: the Science of Facebook Scheduling

Facebook, Social Media

It seems like every social media guru has a formula on when you should post to Facebook.  Some swear by first thing in the morning, between 6:00 and 8:00 AM, three weekdays and Saturday; others sing the praises of the

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Three Easy Ways to Boost Your Conversions

Website design, Conversions

There are lots of different ways to increase website conversions, and a lot of people who will claim to tell you that they have a magic formula to boost your numbers. The methods vary in complexity and approach, but there

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Avoiding Online Reputation Crises in 5 Easy Steps

Reputation Management

Online reputation management is relatively new and the majority of small and mid-size businesses don’t give it much attention. However, simple marketing principles will tell you that people listen to other people before making a purchase; one bad review can

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5 SEO Tactics You Need to Stop


Nothing is static on the Internet. It’s a place of constant growth and change, where tactics for optimizing your website can change seemingly overnight. You’ve heard a lot about black hat versus white hat SEO, but now you’re going to

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