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Five Best Social Media Marketing Tips from the Pros

Social media marketing is not a magic wand. A lot of people would have you believe that all you have to do is get on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or some other platform and you’ll instantly have followers that translate into

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Why Social Media Marketing for Attorneys Matters

social media marketing for attorneys

A number of law firms, while they have adapted to technology quickly and admirably, lag behind when it comes to utilizing social media. However, social media is a driver of opinion, perception, and purchasing power. Here are a few reasons

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5 Tips on How to Effectively Use Instagram for Lawyers

Instagram for Lawyers

When it comes to social media effectiveness for law firms, the usual suspects take the lions share. There’s Facebook, of course, and LinkedIn; but does social media for law firms stop there? The answer should be no, but in practice

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Why Isn’t It Working? Digital Marketing Success and Failure

Digital marketing is often spoken about as if it is the be-all and end-all of marketing. Most small business owners are often not familiar of what marketing entails, thinking that digital marketing is the way to go, or that social

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Social Media Skills for Business: Do’s and Don’ts

Using social media as a private person and using social media to represent your business are two different things and you should keep them separated. The private you and the business you must for all practical purposes become two different

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Algorithm Changes at Facebook: Social Media Marketers Get Ready

Facebook is changing algorithms again and has a message for publishers and that’s best summed up as, “Adjust your expectations.” For Facebook users, it means a change in the news feed to reflect friends and family over content provided by

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