Changes Ahead: Marketing Your Small Business on Facebook

Marketing Your Small Business on Facebook

Have you heard the latest news regarding the changes in the Facebook algorithm? Have you considered the way you’ll handle marketing your small business on Facebook as a result of the newest updates?

Marketing Your Small Business on Facebook

Facebook’s latest announcement, Mark Zuckerberg indicates the changes will put less business content in the newsfeed of its users. Translation? Small businesses will have an even more difficult time reaching their audience organically. Even large corporations are likely going to experience a decrease in organic reach.

Tips: Marketing Your Small Business on Facebook

Zuckerberg emphasizes businesses need to focus on creating “meaningful interactions” between their business page and audience. For Facebook pages that already have a high engagement rate, then this will most likely not significantly affect your bottom line. For others, we’ve put together the following tips for marketing your small business on Facebook to keep pace with the changes.

Tip #1 Always Post Quality Content

Create and post content that’s going to garner a reaction from your audience. Consider posting about relevant topics (and not just your own content) that encourages users to interact with your posts. When multiple users begin reacting and/or commenting, then their friends and families can see their interaction as well. Above all, ensure your Facebook marketing content is posted consistently—always.

Tip #2 Be Genuine

Don’t ask people to like or comment. Facebook sees this as “fishing” for engagement and not as meaningful interaction. Encourage them to leave reviews and to let you know how your business is doing. Get them involved with contests, asking for their opinions, or help in preparing for upcoming events. The point is to be genuine and relatable.

Tip #3 Videos Rule

If you haven’t been posting videos, then you need to shift your efforts and get started on it. The latest online marketing trends indicate video, Facebook Live videos, specifically, are going to an integral key to reaching more viewers because live videos often receive six times the level of interaction when compared to regular videos. Without a doubt, video content on Facebook is going to outperform all other types of content.

Tip #4 Facebook Groups

Facebook groups only work if there is a high level of engagement. With this in mind, businesses can use them to their advantage to frequently engage with groups in addition to their current marketing efforts. Interacting with a group naturally draws attention to you, and as a result, your business.

Tip #5 Ad Budget Increases

Your ad budget most likely has already been increasing over the years, especially since the yearly decline of organic reach is certainly no secret. With the changes implemented by Facebook, your business will need to not only more efficiently target their audience but will also need to increase their overall advertising budget.

Let Your Passion Shine

Overall, if you are passionate about your business and services, then it’s going to show when marketing your small business on Facebook and other platforms. As you begin to narrow and determine which methods work best for your company, you will receive more leads, higher conversion rates, and reach a larger audience.

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