5 Ways of Using Facebook to Market Your Business in 2018

using Facebook to market your business

Hopefully, you’ve started working on a comprehensive plan for using Facebook to market your business with a rock solid content marketing plan. If not, you should start thinking about the different techniques that can help you grow your business this year.

Using Facebook to Market Your Business in 2018

Nearly 80 percent of small businesses use Facebook for marketing. It’s essential to look back on your 2017 marketing and build a plan according to the trends for the upcoming year. If you use the same thing repeatedly, you’ll likely miss your chance for growth. Let’s take a look at the ways Facebook is changing and how you can adjust your marketing plan to meet those changes.

Expand Your Organic Reach

Using Facebook to market your business has increased although organic reach has been on the decline for some time now even though more than 1.2 billion people use Facebook every single day. It’s an understatement to say that it’s frustrating to build up a significant following, only to reach a mere fraction of those followers.

The good news is you can increase your organic reach with several methods.

  • Determine what keeps your audience interested and develop the desired content.
  • Post more videos. *This is an important one.*
  • Have your employees “like” or “share” your page posts.
  • Encourage engagement and ask users to turn your notifications “on” if they like what they see.
  • Create a Poll to ask for feedback from your followers, such as demographics or favorite product brands.
  • Check out the competition. Compare your posts and stats.

Generating Leads

Because of low organic reach, obtaining leads from your existing fan base is more difficult, especially if you only have a few hundred followers. But, don’t give up yet! Try setting up a “fans-only” promotion. Run a Facebook contest in which fans win a prize by giving you their email. As a bonus, encourage them to share the contest on their page for additional opportunities to win.

Video Posts

More than 50 percent of social media marketing content is going to be video in 2018. The potential for organic growth is significant. Not only does video reach more followers, Facebook is in direct competition with YouTube so if you’re not using videos—start using them now. According to research, Facebook native videos outperform YouTube videos by an average of 477 percent. Facebook native videos even reached 611 percent in July 2017 when compared to YouTube.

Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live is becoming an integral real-time marketing tool in regards to video marketing on social media. It demonstrates the human side of your business by giving your brand an authentic and raw touch. Plus, it allows you the ability to reach your followers on the right occasion, like going live during a sale or an event.

Facebook Ads

There are many methods for collecting leads or conversions through Facebook Ads but it doesn’t promise success. Knowing your audience is the best way for your ads to be effective. Expanding your target isn’t always going to win you leads. Facebook provides you powerful tools in order to optimize your Facebook ads for a hyper-targeted audience, which every business should learn to use.

In Closing

There is never any guarantee that Facebook will help you reach your ideal audience. However, the odds are in your favor but it’s up to your digital marketing team to consistently follow up to see which strategies work best for your company.

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