Build a Great Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business

great content marketing

The process of building a great content marketing strategy for your business is the key to your success. This process includes creating and publishing a continuous flow of valuable content to fit your company’s unique situation. This will be a driving factor in generating leads and expands exposure.

How to Develop a Great Content Marketing Strategy

Did you know that only up to 40 percent of marketers have documented a content marketing plan for their business? Without a strategy, businesses damage their chance at success. It was reported that 72 percent of successful content marketers credited their achievements to a written content strategy.

Define your goals

Do you want to draw in new visitors, grow your email list, generate new leads, build brand awareness, etc.? E-books, white papers, social media, and customer experience need to fit into your content marketing strategy. What’s your budget? What are your competitors doing? When you know exactly what you’re trying to achieve, you are better able to create content that produces results.

Define your target audience

Defining your audience is essential to the success of a great content marketing strategy. Who are you trying to reach? Try to determine your content’s target audience, which is also your ideal customer. Of course, a great way to do this is to examine your existing clientele.

To construct a buyer persona from scratch can be complex because of the layers involved. It’s best to begin by asking simple questions. For example, is your target audience more likely to shop online, like Millennials and Generation Z shoppers? Why would they buy your products or services?

Develop content appropriate for your audience

Upon figuring out your audience, build a great content marketing plan comprised of content they’re interested in that’s also suitable for the social media platform. It could be the best content but delivering it to the wrong audience is a waste of time.

Not only should your team create content that matches your company brand’s style, tone, and values but it should include an effective call to action. Also, which platforms will you promote your content on?

Determine a content management system

Once content ideas are established, determine your content management system. Which management system will you use to manage your content? If you use Hootsuite or HubSpot, you have the ability to plan, schedule, publish and even measure your content’s metrics from within the dashboard.

Devise a way to measure your effectiveness

Using metrics such as actions taken, bounce rate, page views, time spent on a page, and other metrics help you determine your effectiveness. Google Analytics can be effortlessly integrated with your websites to track and measure the effectiveness of your goals.

Final Suggestions

Don’t forget to experiment with new content as your company grows. Even if you have an established presence, there’s always room for growth. A great content marketing plan consists of fresh content distributed on a regular basis. When executed correctly, it delivers more inbound traffic, allowing your company the chance to grow.

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