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What is Marketing Strategy and Why Your Small Business Needs It?

What is Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is not just for big business. You don’t need an in-house marketing department to put together an effective marketing strategy for your small business. A marketing strategy is a plan for reaching out to a targeted demographic and

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Build a Great Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business

great content marketing

The process of building a great content marketing strategy for your business is the key to your success. This process includes creating and publishing a continuous flow of valuable content to fit your company’s unique situation. This will be a

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How Does Social Media and Customer Experience Fit into Your Marketing Strategy?

Social Media and Customer Experience

Social media and customer experience go hand-in-hand in today’s marketing strategy. Social media presence used to be kept to a minimum. Nowadays, the digital experience is opening up a whole new world for business marketing. Acquiring New Customers through Social


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3 Simple Ways to Market Your Law Firm Online

Market Your Law Firm

Not long ago, the internet was a smaller place. Getting your website up and noticed was a lot easier, simply because of a less crowded field. Times change, and now even people in their seventies and eighties are more likely

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Why Isn’t It Working? Digital Marketing Success and Failure

Digital marketing is often spoken about as if it is the be-all and end-all of marketing. Most small business owners are often not familiar of what marketing entails, thinking that digital marketing is the way to go, or that social

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Marketing Ingenuity, From a 7 Year Old

Summer is here and if you have children, this means either sending them off to camp, putting them with a babysitter, having them sit around the house, going on vacation or maybe summer school. While summers create wonderful memories for

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