How to Improve Email Open Rates

Improve Email Open Rates

Social media might be getting all the attention, but there is very little that does more to drive sales and an old-fashioned email. Even Millennials, blamed for disrupting every industry from paper napkins stories, have a strong preference for being

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The Power of Content Marketing

The Power of Content Marketing

It’s time to sit down and think about what drives customer engagement. Back in the days before the Internet, a customer could engage with a catalog or a print ad, an ad on the radio or television, or a beautifully

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Social Media Toolkit: How to Use Instagram Effectively

how to use Instagram effectively

Social media is more than Facebook and Twitter, and social media marketing is much more than just throwing a post once or twice per week. Instagram is a fantastic resource for small businesses to get their brand in front of

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Advantages of Digital Marketing for Small Business

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Small businesses face competition like never before. Today’s marketplace is indeed a global marketplace with customers availing themselves of every option to find what they are looking for whether it is from a shop down the block to a company

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The Advantages of Marketing Automation

The Advantages of Marketing Automation

There’s not much that’s more direct than an email, and in the history of the internet, it’s a fair bet that more people have clicked to open a marketing email than on any other form of advertising. Whether it’s B2B

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What Does Google AMP Mean?

What Does Google AMP Mean

What is Google AMP? It refers to Google Accelerated Mobile Pages. What does Google AMP mean? Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) helps pages rank higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Plus, it’s supposed to provide faster load times

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The Revolution of Social Media and the English Language

Social Media and the English Language

There is no doubt the English language has gone through significant changes over the years. Yet, with the rise of the internet, the revolution of social media and the English language has rapidly increased. It’s also somewhat alarming in the

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