Full Time Marketers vs. Pick-n-Choose


Making the decision to hire a marketing professional for your business means that you’ve arrived that the point where you need more than you can do yourself. That’s a great place to be! What’s not so great is the bewildering

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Champagne Marketing on Coca Cola Budget


When you’re first starting a business, you budget seems to have more line items than you have budget. Marketing might seem beyond your reach, and it may be for the time being. You might be able to afford some consultations

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Advertising Don’ts: Pants on Fire Edition


Don’t be that guy. Or rather, don’t be that business. You’ve heard of false advertising, but not a lot of people are clear on what it is, and how it can come back around to bite you right in the

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The 5 Best Ways to Tank Website Conversions

The 5 Best Ways to Tank Website Conversions

Every once in a while, you run across a website that is so ill thought out, so badly arranged, so outright annoying, that you have to wonder just how the business can continue to operate. No naming and shaming, we

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Optimizing Content: Pros and Cons of Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles

Optimizing Content

Content is king, and you do your best to generate quality articles and posts for your clients and followers to read and make use of. It should only follow that when Facebook or Google make changes, you pivot and roll

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Handling Negative Feedback with Grace and Class

Handling Negative Feedback with Grace and Class

Feedback happens. Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes it’s a bad thing – and sometimes even bad feedback can be a good thing that helps you to improve. When that feedback is public, how you handle the situation can sometimes

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A Beginner’s Guide to Successful Social Media Advertising Part 1: Saying Hello

A Beginners Guide to Successful Social Media Advertising

The first thing to understand about social media advertising is that this is just a part of a larger marketing strategy that can and should website design, SEO, content marketing, digital advertising, and email marketing, too. It is not the

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