Why is Communication so Important in Business?

Why is Communication so Important

Why is communication so important in business between marketing companies and their clients? Good question. Picture this: the line of communication between you and your client was wide open. And then, suddenly, nada. It leaves you sitting between a rock and a hard place because you can’t move forward with the projects on your end until they respond.

Here’s the thing, if you contact a marketing company for an ad campaign or to create an online presence for your business, hires them, and yet doesn’t follow up with the necessary details to successfully launch the campaign, then the marketing company loses interest in the entire project leading to failure.

Why is Communication so Important?

Well, why is communication so important exactly? When your business doesn’t deliver all of the pertinent details after they repeatedly reach out to you—can you truly blame them for not finishing the job? Communication is critical if you expect them to effectively meet deadlines and finish the job.

If you’re a marketing company dealing with a stressful communication issue, check out the following tips to proactively handle communication with a client.

Be Clear

Sometimes your clients don’t know or understand what needs to be done next. If they don’t know what has to be done then they may not even respond at all. Be certain that you clearly instruct your clients on exactly what you need them to do. Additionally, make sure there is a plan of action if the client becomes unresponsive. The client needs to understand the consequences of missed deadlines and radio silence.

Set Up a Timeline

Before beginning the project, establish a solid timeline with your client. Both parties should agree to it. This can include scheduled days and times for meetings or calls with updates. Once a timeline is determined, provide regular project updates. It may even prove useful and easy to create a template that takes less time to fill out.

Maintaining Structure

Once you have a timeline, remain consistent with your communication and stay on top of the project. If necessary, set up a call to review the next steps in the project. Be polite but firm because the last thing you want is to appear unprofessional or irritated.

Keep in Mind

A lack of communication may not always be about you. They might be facing a difficult work situation with their own clients. Even though it’s akin to cutting off your own nose—many businesses sacrifice much-needed marketing time because they get caught up in servicing their current customers. It’s best to get a specific idea of what your client wants and how to implement it in the most optimal manner possible so they can focus on their clients.

Following Up

Always follow-up with an email that includes notes from your meeting or call that highlights expectations and future actions. Proactive communication provides the benefit of building trust and preventing future issues with your clients. This helps prevent surprises and also builds trust over time.

These are just a few ideas on how to handle communication with your clients before the line goes dead. If you have experienced this issue before, what methods have you used to overcome the situation?

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