Beginner’s Guide to Instagram for Lawyers

Instagram for Lawyers

If you’re just getting started with social media, it’s smart to look into utilizing the big players like Facebook, which hit 2.07 billion users, and Instagram, which had 800 million users per month as of November 2017. Whether you’re new or need to brush up on your knowledge, this beginner’s guide to Instagram for lawyers will have you up and running in no time.

Beginner’s Guide to Instagram for Lawyers

Social media isn’t going away—ever. Instagram alone is expected to grow beyond a billion users per month in 2018. From a large law firm to a small business, take advantage of the benefits Instagram for lawyers provides.

Social media marketing gives you the opportunity to share content from your website while interacting with followers, clients, and prospects. By posting relevant and useful content, you foster relationships with your followers. The goal is to direct users back to your website in the hopes of converting them into leads.

Start With a Plan

An integral part of successfully using Instagram for lawyers is by preparing your social media strategy. Consider why you’re using Instagram and what you hope to gain from your audience. Be certain to set clear goals before you begin posting.

Determine who will be responsible for creating your content. Creating beautifully designed content takes time. If you’re busy running your law firm, trying to use Instagram to promote your business is going to be complicated. It would be wise to hire a professional to handle your social media for you.


Hashtags allow your posts to reach beyond your followers. You’re allowed up to 30 hashtags but it’s better to limit the number to around 10. Studies show that using more than that doesn’t necessarily increase your level of engagement. Use hashtags that are relatively popular and relevant to your posted content.

Also, you’re most likely going to use a variation of the same hashtags so make it a point to save them. It’s easy to copy and paste saved hashtags. Finally, use websites like Hashtagify to research hashtag popularity, trends, and correlations.

Marketing Trends

Keep up with the online marketing trends for 2018, such as posting video and going live on Instagram. Instagram stories are steadily increasing in popularity when compared to other apps like Snapchat.

How Often to Post

Some accounts post once a day. Others post three to four times a day. It may be quite the challenge to come up with four posts every day, especially if you’re running your own Instagram account. Whether you choose to post once a day or four times a day, ensure that you’re posting consistently.

Engage With Others

If someone leaves a comment or sends you a message—respond to them. How well your content performs depends largely on the level of engagement generated by your followers. You can also create engagement by tagging other accounts, sharing content by other Instagram users, and by collaborating with other accounts.

Using Instagram for Business

Benefits of putting useful social media marketing tips into practice include growing your digital footprint, customer base, and landing new prospects. Instagram marketing for attorneys matters if you want to keep up with the competition. What are you waiting for? Get started today by contacting 4 Step Studio for more information.

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