Why Social Media Marketing for Attorneys Matters

social media marketing for attorneys

A number of law firms, while they have adapted to technology quickly and admirably, lag behind when it comes to utilizing social media. However, social media is a driver of opinion, perception, and purchasing power. Here are a few reasons why social media marketing for attorneys has become an indispensable tool in today’s digital age.

  1. Keeping Up with Colleagues and Competitors

Since the advent of Facebook, social media marketing has long been a staple in sectors like retail and skilled labor. However, if you haven’t hopped aboard the social media bandwagon as an attorney, you’re behind the curve. For example, one of the most popular social media marketing tools legal firms and attorneys utilize are blogs. In fact, 26 percent of law firms authored their own legal blogs in 2016, an increase of 22 percent from 2015. These types of tactics are quickly gaining speed as a way to attract new clients, increase visibility, and drive traffic to your website by offering useful, relevant information.

  1. Becoming A Thought Leader

The difference between social media marketing and paid advertising is that the former allows you to present a personal narrative, build a brand, and become a voice of authority. Building a persona online, whether as a firm or as an individual, is what attracts clients organically. Using social media content is an opportunity to establish your judgment as a driving force in the field. Simply maintaining an online presence that paints you as an authority figure improves how clients rate your trustworthiness. This is one aspect of social media marketing that you simply don’t get from paid advertising.

  1. The Process of Content Distribution

When you’re first starting out with social media marketing, an on-site blog is a good way to experiment with posting and creating content. However, in order to leverage social media as a full-blown marketing tool, you need to communicate with audiences on all fronts. That includes the big names such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. The fact is that social media is becoming prime territory to secure new clients, especially among younger demographics. In a survey conducted by FindLaw, a whopping 78 percent of millennials indicated that they’d be inclined to hire a lawyer with active social media accounts. This becomes a big job, though. Hiring a social media marketing manager to properly distribute your content across multiple channels can be an excellent investment.

  1. Remember Who You’re Engaging

The obvious goal of any marketing strategy is to acquire clients who keep the paychecks coming in. However, social media marketing in the legal field is more nuanced. Attorneys use social media not only to attract clients, but also to network with colleagues and make connections that can prove to be fruitful both financially and professionally. LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for the legal profession, with 57 percent of firms maintaining accounts on the site, and 71 percent of lawyers reporting using it to network.

Whether you’re networking with colleagues or trying to cultivate new clients, businesses of all sizes and professionals in all industries are using social media marketing to actively engage with new audiences. It’s essential to get your own social media tactics up to speed and be on the cutting-edge of marketing tactics in the legal world.

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