Three Reasons Mobile First Marketing Strategy Is a Must for Attorneys

mobile first marketing

Law is such demanding profession that it’s very hard to keep up with developments in the world of Google. Google is a lifeline to billions of businesses all over the world. Businesses depend on Google because they need their businesses to be findable. Lately Google is emphasizing what is called a mobile first strategy. This means that when indexing sites, webpages that are optimized for mobile will be given first consideration over those that are optimized only for desktop. This opens the door for businesses to develop their own mobile first marketing strategy, and here are three reasons that you need to get on board.

1. Google said it themselves, most people are searching Google using a mobile device. Since Google has a 79.45 global market share of search engine traffic, they would certainly know. This means that approximately eight out of every 10 people who are using a search engine are using Google for in excess of 4 billion searches per day – or over 61,000 searches per second. Those are astounding numbers, but mobile first is more than an attempt to garner more market share. Mobile first is Google’s way of putting the user experience first. This means that anyone searching for anything, will see mobile friendly – meaning mobile optimized – results first. Unless your site is optimized to mobile, you are going to be a second-class netizen.

2. Don’t freak out, you still have time. Google’s Gary Illyes cautioned that while launch is imminent, the timeline is inexact. Getting your site optimized and ready to go will alleviate most of your anxiety. Converting from an older website to a newer one also means clearing out a lot of obsolete code that Google no longer recognizes. When you freshen up your site and update, you are going to see an improvement in your ranking, even without mobile first indexing in place.

3. Getting your strategy in place now means that you can shed at least one mobile site – does anyone remember.MOBI? This will eliminate a duplicate source of content that can cause you to actually lose page ranking. Integrating your websites means that bots don’t have to decide which site to index. You can cut loose that extraneous mobile site and combine all of your content onto your primary site.

Try 4 Step Studio’s Mobile First Marketing Strategy

We don’t do one-size-fits-all. When we work with your firm, we will craft a unique vision for your mobile first marketing campaign. We do it all from site design to campaign analytics in order to make your firm stand out, and reach the first page. That first page ranking is critical, as people generally don’t ever make it to the second page, but instead turned to the options which are first presented to them. Partnering with us will get you the best organic SEO results and have you ready when mobile first is truly launched. Contact us today and find out what we can do for your Internet presence and marketing.

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4 Step Studio is an online marketing agency that specializes in website design and redesign, SEO, social media and more. Our team of experts focuses on helping small business get found online, while educating them on what will make them successful in the digital world. To learn more about what we can do for you, visit our website at

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