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Your Guide to Using Tools like Instagram Stories to Promote Your Small Business

Instagram story

The importance of social media in today’s society can’t be denied. Every business, every politician, every celebrity – every person or entity that wants to reach their following can do so by creating a virtual following online. This is especially

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Strategies to Increase Social Media Engagement After Recent Algorithmic Changes

Strategies to increase social media engagement

In June of 2018, Facebook changed its algorithm to provide a more personalized experience for users. For most people who use the social media site, this was a positive change. It meant more authentic engagement with users who mattered to

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How to Do Live Video on Facebook

How to Do Live Video on Facebook

Sometimes statistics are so shocking that they boggle the mind. The sheer force of a number used to convey information can seem incomprehensible. When breaks down some numbers from Facebook Live, it can leave you blinking. For those of

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Social Media Toolkit: How to Use Instagram Effectively

how to use Instagram effectively

Social media is more than Facebook and Twitter, and social media marketing is much more than just throwing a post once or twice per week. Instagram is a fantastic resource for small businesses to get their brand in front of

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The Revolution of Social Media and the English Language

Social Media and the English Language

There is no doubt the English language has gone through significant changes over the years. Yet, with the rise of the internet, the revolution of social media and the English language has rapidly increased. It’s also somewhat alarming in the

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Beginner’s Guide to Instagram for Lawyers

Instagram for Lawyers

If you’re just getting started with social media, it’s smart to look into utilizing the big players like Facebook, which hit 2.07 billion users, and Instagram, which had 800 million users per month as of November 2017. Whether you’re new

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Tips to Increase Your Twitter Engagement

Twitter Engagement

Twitter is a fast-paced social media platform that leaves newcomers overwhelmed at the sheer quantity of content flowing through the platform. Never underestimate the power of your tweets. Better engagement results in more leads and sales. If you’re trying to

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