What Can You Learn from the 3 Most Successful Brands on Facebook?

While there’s always some debate about what makes a brand the “best” on any given platform, there’s plenty to learn from every brand that reaches any level of social media success. What follows is a list of the top three brands on Facebook, albeit for varying reasons, and what social media marketers and small business owners can learn from them. Find out what makes these three brands the best on the world’s biggest social network, and learn how to utilize these same aspects in your own business.


While the figures have changed a bit since then, Mashable reported Coca-Cola as the first brand to be directly engaged with over 1 million users in late 2013. Today, the fizzy drink’s page has more than 93 million likes, featuring posts including everything from the company’s viral hit commercials to clever brand-centric papercraft. Coca-Cola is one of the largest global brands in the world, so these numbers should come as no surprise—however, everyone needs to start somewhere, particularly with social media.

Coca-Cola didn’t have to worry about building an audience the way that most businesses do, considering the company was founded in 1886, but that preexisting audience came with some expectations from the company’s social media presence. In order to meet those expectations, Coca-Cola focuses on engaging and unique content disseminated through cohesive marketing campaigns across multiple platforms. By keeping their marketing efforts together, they maintain brand recognition and help their followers and customers feel like part of a worldwide community.


With over 50 million likes, there’s no doubt that the happiest company on Earth also has one of the happiest Faceook pages online. This is the place that the Disney company engages audiences over 13 years of age, which gives it a distinctly different feel than their main website or other marketing endeavors. Instead of pictures of Epcot lit from below during hot Florida nights, the Disney Facebook page features funny pictures, cute videos, and announcements for new projects.

Disney engages with their audience with a constant stream of highly engaging content, the kind of thing that their audience will want to talk about. Since they cover such a huge demographic, the standard is to stick with things that are company-specific, humorous and heartwarming. This not only maintains the brand image, but makes sure that everyone viewing the content will find something worth smiling about—really, that’s all Disney has ever been about.

Burt’s Bees

While hardly one of the biggest pages on Facebook, clocking in around 2.5 million likes, Burt’s Bees nonetheless made it onto Inc.com’s list of the 20 best company Facebook pages, and it’s an honor that is definitely deserved. Burt’s Bees is a relatively small company that makes bath and body products using besswax and other natural ingredients, trading out chemical fragrances for effective natural alternatives.

The thing that really makes Burt’s Bees successful is their engagement style. Through Facebook, the company sells products, introduces new products and polls users on their personal preferences to help build a better profile of their target customer. By getting direct input from their clientele, it’s possible to figure out which products are hot, which are not, and which have developed a small but dedicated following somewhere in the over two million happy customers. Content may be king of digital marketing, but engagement is still emperor to social media strategy.

Whether you have 200 followers or 2 million, these are the keys to social media success: stay cohesive, show people things they want to see, and always engage with your audience. Keep these three elements in mind next time you set out on a social media marketing effort, and you’re all but absolutely sure to succeed.


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