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Why Social Media Marketing for Attorneys Matters

social media marketing for attorneys

A number of law firms, while they have adapted to technology quickly and admirably, lag behind when it comes to utilizing social media. However, social media is a driver of opinion, perception, and purchasing power. Here are a few reasons

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Three Reasons Mobile First Marketing Strategy Is a Must for Attorneys

mobile first marketing

Law is such demanding profession that it’s very hard to keep up with developments in the world of Google. Google is a lifeline to billions of businesses all over the world. Businesses depend on Google because they need their businesses

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Why Do You Need a Search Engine Optimization Checklist for Lawyers?

search engine optimization checklist

Why is search engine optimization for lawyers so important? For the same reason it’s important to every other business that wants to be found. Google has moved from a term coined by Carl Sagan, to a .com, a multibillion-dollar international

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Building an Effective Website for Law Firms

Website for Law Firms

Have you looked at your traffic stats lately? If you answer that question with, “What traffic stats?” then we need to have a talk. It’s not enough to build a website anymore. You need a definite marketing strategy, and part

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