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Remarketing: Getting a Second Chance at a First Impression

Remarketing is exactly that – a second chance to make a first impression through a variety of avenues. Odds are that you’ve been the subject of remarketing yourself and never even thought about it. Remarketing even comes in different flavors,

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Website SEO Check List

Basic SEO in 2016 is not the same as basic SEO in 2010. As I often remind people, the internet is not a “set it and forget it” technology, but one that is constantly evolving and changing. For those who

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Make Your Business Blog a Go-To

Connecting with customers is more than advertising or marketing. Connection is about communicating. The era of monodirectional advertising is and has been over for some time.  People looking at your products and services want to go deeper than your latest

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Five Signs It’s Time to Invest in a Website Redesign

The internet is anything but a “set it and forget it” medium. Technology is changing fast enough that people from Generation X can remember when their first desktop had less RAM, storage, and processing power than their current smartphone. Your

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