Remarketing: Getting a Second Chance at a First Impression

Remarketing - Getting a Second Chance at a First Impression

Remarketing is exactly that – a second chance to make a first impression through a variety of avenues. Odds are that you’ve been the subject of remarketing yourself and never even thought about it. Remarketing even comes in different flavors, so you can try them all to see which brings you the best conversion rate and the best ROI. Let’s look at the different ways to keep your brand coming back for that first impression.

Email Remarketing:

The granddaddy of all remarketing. Originally targeted to reduce abandoned carts, email remarketing remains one of the most effective remarketing strategies. Email is not dead, but campaigns have to change with the technological times. Targeting email to mobile users is a must, with 68 percent of marketing emails being opened on phones or tablets instead of desktops or laptops.

Site Remarketing:

The heavy hitter. With a small bit of code called a cookie, site remarketing allows an ad network to deliver ads to the general user wherever they go on the internet. It’s ubiquitous, and most people never even notice.

Social Media Remarketing:

The Facebook strong strategy. This uses cookies as well, and displays ads for your business when the user goes to a social media website such as Facebook or Twitter, but also on other social media sites such as YouTube, Tumblr, and others.

Search Remarketing:

The Seeker. Users looking for specific sets of keywords can trigger these ads that are attuned to their search terms. These industry or product specific users are interested in your industry, maybe even in your product, but have only peeped over the edge of the funnel. These remarketing ads keep you at the top of their mind as they use their computer or device.

The “creep factor,” a term for when users are repulsed or annoyed by ads following them around the internet, is overblown. After all, a whopping 59 percent of people have a neutral opinion about it, versus 11 percent who experience an overtly negative reaction to the ads.

Persistence Pays

Remarketing keeps your brand in front of eyeballs so that on some level, the user is always aware of it. Verisign has published statistics that push even the most neutral advertiser off the fence, including a 147 percent increase in conversions. They recognize your company, even if they just bounced into and out of your site on a search query. It keeps them aware and coming back, even if it’s just to peek into the funnel and then go elsewhere. Eventually, they come back, click through, and then commit to your product or service. By remarketing, you’re investing in the very good chance that your bounce-in/bounce-out user will bounce in again, and stay in this time around.

Google offers its own remarketing services within the Google services halo, but there are a host of others out there. If you’re confused about which service you should use or how to get started, give us a call and let us find the perfect solution for your business needs.


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