5 Digital Marketing Myths that Need to be Busted

5 Digital Marketing Myths that Need to be Busted

There are a lot of marketing “truths” that have been repeated for years. It’s just like the “drink eight glasses of water a day” thing that’s been around for so long. Nobody knows where it came from, but everyone takes it as gospel. It’s the same with digital marketing. Nobody knows where all this conventional wisdom came from, but let’s bust a few of the bigger myths right now.

“Email is dead!”

Wrong, wrong, wrong, so very, very wrong. Says who? A white paper by no less than Experian. Transactional emails have an astounding ROI. These emails are not big bulk blasts, but are triggered by a customer’s actual behavior and buying history. Opt-in email campaigns still bring home the sales by staying out of spam filters, too. It’s the big blasts of uninvited mail that annoy the receivers.

“Tuesday through Thursday mornings are best for email blasts!”

It depends. Seriously. If you are sending a B2B blast on Friday afternoon, it’s going to get buried over the weekend. If you’re sending out a B@C, it might be best to time it for delivery in the early evening, when people coming from work, or when they’re checking their email on a Saturday morning. It all depends what you are trying to sell to whom.

“The lowest price wins!”

This has killed many a business. Don’t let it kill yours. A bigger buyer can always bury little guys now and hike the price later. One of the most elementary thing you need to know as a business owner is how to price your products. There is a system to doing this, and you need to learn it, follow it, and stick to it. Also, setting a price is not a set-it-and-forget-it activity. You have to be open to raising and lowering prices for a variety of reasons.

“We’re so unique and special, we don’t need marketing.”

It’s more like your product is going to be talking to itself. Word of mouth advertising is the most rare and precious of marketing gems. However, in order to get those mouths moving, you need to get eyeballs looking and fingers moving that mouse or tapping that screen. You don’t have to have a huge ad buy to have an effective campaign.

“Do all the social media!”

It’s the new buzzword, only not. The way this should read is, “Do all the social media that your clients find relevant and that you can maintain.” Not every social media outlet is relevant to your customers’ interests. Take the time to measure what outlets they actually use, and then focus your efforts there.

The main thing is that one size doesn’t fit all companies. Your business, your services and products, and your style is not going to fit in the same “shoes” as another. While you can start out doing the same things, you have to brand yourself and then grow with it. You’ll evolve as your go through the ups and downs that everyone faces, and emerge with your own unique approach. It’s going to take time to get there, but you can do it!


4 Step Studio is an online marketing agency that specializes in website design and redesign, SEO, social media and more. Our team of experts focuses on helping small business get found online, while educating them on what will make them successful in the digital world. To learn more about what we can do for you, visit our website at www.4StepStudio.com

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