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Using the Relationship Between Sales and Marketing to Boost the Efficiency of Your Business

relationship between sales and marketing

A successful business runs and operates like a functional machine – a vast number of smaller parts working hard beneath the surface to produce results. When trying to understand the relationship between sales and marketing, it is imperative to view

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Digital Marketing 101: 5 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out

It’s not possible to run a successful business without having a strong online presence. However, you need to be careful and strategic when approaching customers online, and there several things to keep in mind when trying to gain your audience’s

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Small Business Online Success Guide: Small Business Smarts

You are not Amazon. Or Zappos. You’re not Macy’s, or Wal-Mart, or any of the other top internet presences. Odds are that you are a small-small business and trying desperately to rise above the clamoring crowd and get yourself in

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Small Business Online Success Guide: Not the Fairy Godmother Department

Social media is not a cure-all for your business blues. Social media is about building a relationship with your current and potential customers and clients. It’s not about generating sales leads, it’s not about driving traffic to your site, and

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Small Business Online Success Guide: Mobile Web vs. Mobile App

Budgeting for your web presence can be an education in the term, “Spoiled for choice.” Do you need a mobile website? How about an app? Which should you choose, a native or hybrid app and what’s the difference? It’s hard

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Small Business Online Success Guide: Going Local

Are you Yes? Then you do not need to read this. If you are a small business wondering how to increase your profile in the local area, then you need to read on. While search terms called keywords can

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5 Steps to Boost Your Brand Online

brand development

Branding is not just for big corporations launching a new product or service. Small businesses can benefit from creating and promoting a brand image for themselves, too. You don’t need to spend millions, but just start with five simple steps

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Growing Your Business: More Than Just Online Marketing

networking, online marketing, small business

If you’re looking to grow your business, no matter the size, you’ve probably already looked into online marketing. Search engine optimization, pay per click advertisements—there are a lot of different ways to tackle the problem and reach your goals more

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Learning How to Properly Handle Online Business Reviews

Online Business Reviews

It’s the ultimate nightmare scenario for ever small business owner. You’ve worked hard to build a niche for your brand, only to go online and find a negative review. The worst part is that sometimes these reviews aren’t even accurate.

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