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It’s How You Say It: 10 Words and Phrases that Make and 10 that Break Your Marketing Campaign

Even in the age of digital marketing not everything is SEO. What you say and how you say it is every bit as important as how you choose your ad buys and your keywords. I have to confess, I do

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If You Build It… It Will Sit There

20 years ago on the internet there were around 257,000 websites, and that was a better than tenfold increase from the previous year. At the end of 2015 there were around 823 million websites, a drop of 11 percent from

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Get More Results from Your Facebook Ads

Frustrated with Facebook and thinking your ad spend there isn’t giving you enough ROI for a buck-fifty margarita and a couple of tacos? It might not be Facebook face-planting, it might be the way that you’re running your campaign. Facebook

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5 Dos and 5 Don’t of Small Biz Promotions

As a small business, you a lot more advantages when it comes to doing your own promotions. You can be more creative, experiment little more, and find out what really works for building your brand. However, there are some do’s

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