Get More Results from Your Facebook Ads


Frustrated with Facebook and thinking your ad spend there isn’t giving you enough ROI for a buck-fifty margarita and a couple of tacos? It might not be Facebook face-planting, it might be the way that you’re running your campaign. Facebook goes a long way to educate their advertisers in everything from writing copy and choosing images to marketing and measuring results. However, sometimes you have to dig a little deeper and go a little further to get what you’re looking for.

Big Mistakes

You can chalk up ad fails to a few different factors, and one is the lack of trust in Facebook ads in general. With all the clickbait, who can blame anyone for viewing ads with skepticism? Another mistake is not making the attempt – on social media, no less – to reach out and build a relationship with potential customers using top-notch content. You have to build trust to build a relationship, build value in the brand with that relationship, and then create intent based on that framework. Third, there is a failure to target and use technologies like custom Audiences, not using remarketing, not using your own data on Facebook in ways that can make your ads really work. Finally, there is a complete misunderstanding of search behavior that is related to SEO – just because someone is searching for something, it doesn’t mean they want to buy it.

Reframing to Retarget

You need to reframe yourself in relation to your customers and create your content in a way that builds value.

  1. Decide what kind of content will work for you. This needs to be what gets people into the top of your funnel.
  2. Build awareness and see what types of content your interested audience members are responding to, then fine-tune your content.
  3. Remarket with an ad that reminds them of your page and content, using this to bring them to your landing page.
  4. One on the landing page for the campaign, you may need to retarget a time or two more before the follower makes that commitment.

Remember, for most people money is still tight, so when you retarget, this is the time you need to sweeten the deal. Make the offer, but with a discount, free shipping, just a little something extra that says value for the money.

No Playbook – No Touchdowns

It takes more than a “Superbowl” approach to ads to get you the results you want. One or two big ads and a huge cash splash a year will get attention. What it won’t get is the consistent results you need to grow your business. Back in 2000, this cat herding ad was everyone’s favorite commercial, sandwiched between ads for beer and Doritos it was one of the most talked about ads ever – and it still is. However, what was the target audience? What was the ROI? Yes, it was enormously popular, but what did it do? Working with a professional marketing firm will help you refine and target your ads, and show you that ROI is possible on Facebook!



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