Improving Social Media Presence: Planning is Everything

Social Media PresenceIn this day and age, a good social media presence is everything. The best social media presence can help grow your business both dramatically and organically. Obtaining a major increase in leads and conversions naturally is an opportunity of which most small to mid-sized businesses only dream, but this is only because too few businesses know how to start.

Build Your Social Media Presence by Making a Plan

To improve your social media presence, you need a plan of action. Social media marketing is a booming business for a reason, which means it requires just as much—if not more—strategy and care as any other marketing avenue. You can start with a simple plan, but the more work you put into your strategy the less work you’ll have to put into getting the result you want upon execution.

According to Forbes, growing your social media presence starts with identifying your objectives. Decide what you want to utilize your social media for, how you intend to measure your success and even how much work you’re willing to put into the process. A few traditional objectives for social media marketing include:

  • Getting more hits, leads and conversions through links and likes
  • Creating a new advertising venue for sales and deals
  • Increasing loyalty by offering customers a more “real” view of your business

Move from “What” to “How”

For the second step of your plan, you should define how you intend to reach these goals through your actions on social media. Include details on the kind of posts you intend to make and share, including a strict schedule.

The only way to really increase your reach is by being online as much as possible, or at least looking like it, which means posting consistent media on an even more consistent basis. Social Media Examiner recommends utilizing your underused assets to help leverage engagement; this includes everything from the original concept of your company to a picture you intended to use for a post last Christmas and never did. While you may be surprised by your audience’s response to some under-utilized media, you can also consider the important point that this is media you already have available to you. Stories that you already know—even if your customers don’t—and posts that are already mostly written will help lessen your overall social media workload by taking the time to note what you already have at your disposal.

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