Facebook and Video: Everything Your Business Needs

Facebook video, Digital MarketingHow many videos does your business have posted on Facebook? If your answer is “none,” or even “just a couple,” then you need to catch up with the growing marketing platform as soon as possible! According to Facebook’s own business department, videos garnered more than 50 percent more views in the second quarter of 2014 than any time before; considering how powerful Facebook is in building a brand, this means that your business needs to be on board anywhere there’s an increase in attention.

Videos Work for Any Business

A common misconception about the necessity of video is the belief that your business may not be “appropriate” for online video, or that you don’t have the budget for this kind of posting. However, video isn’t just for advertisement! Just because you may not have the budget to shoot your own commercial doesn’t mean you should dispense with utilizing video on your business Facebook page at all. In fact, studies show that consumers respond to candid and personable videos from small to mid-size businesses better than advertisements.

There are a multitude of ways to connect to your audience through video, and with Facebook’s new autoplay feature you’re much more likely to draw in viewers and pique the interest of prospective customers. Social Media Examiner recommends focusing on the connection you want to forge with your audience rather than production value. You’ll want to keep it short and sweet, but if you can inspire or educate your viewers with a short video then you’re on the right track—even if you shot, cut and uploaded the entire thing with an iPhone.

Beyond the Traditional Advertisement

There are a handful of video types that work best for small to mid-size businesses like yours:

  • Education and how-to videos. These are great for service businesses like bakeries and automotive repair shops. Take 15 minutes to teach your viewers how to properly frost a cupcake or change their brake fluid and you’re sure to get a fair number of views. The best part about educational videos is that as long as people are asking the question your video answers, the exposure will continue to trickle in, sometimes for years to come.
  • Entertainment for the masses. Instead of looking for ways to push your product, take a few minutes to be a little ridiculous! This is especially great for businesses with young employees, as teenagers are already exposed to platforms like Vine and understand how to put together something short, memorable, and entertaining. Most viral videos get that way because they make viewers laugh, so capitalize on that for your business.
  • Inspirational videos. Candid and hidden camera videos are a consumer favorite, so next time your business decides to surprise someone with a big donation or finds a way to make a loyal customer’s life easier, get it on film. You’ll need permission from your clients to use their likeness on your Facebook, but everyone loves to see random acts of kindness.

Using video can help you get more likes, followers and customers no matter what budget you’re working with. Take advantage of Facebook’s new most popular visual medium and help grow your audience today!


4 Step Studio is an online marketing agency that specializes in website design and redesign, SEO, social media and more. Our team of experts focuses on helping small business get found online, while educating them on what will make them successful in the digital world. To learn more about what we can do for you, visit our website at www.4StepStudio.com

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