Pump Up Your Stats with Shareable Visual Content

Visual ContentSome types of content are a lot more successful than others. Visually appealing and interesting content invites a click and then a share to social media like Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit and other networks that can take a video or image from the millions and turn it into a viral phenomenon. Catching eyes is a harder task than it used to be, so here are some simple tips to make your content contagious.

Top Shared Visual Content

What makes some content move and others sit until it collects dust? There are lots of companies out there trying to quantify what makes for good content. One of the first things that drives content to be shared is emotion; emotions pull your viewers to your site in the first place, what your site makes them feel drives them to share it with others. Feelings of awe, laughter, amusement and joy drive 71% of Internet users to hit that share button and send it out to their circle of influence. If as many do they use multiple Internet platforms, such as Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, your reach can go from one person to hundreds of people and from there to thousands.

What Are You Looking At?

What people are increasingly looking at is visual content. Facebook alone reports a massive shift occurred in 2014 with the number of video posts increasing by 75% globally and 94% in the United States. With the wide availability of quality cameras, not only as standalone devices, but on cell phones and tablets more people are creating visual content than ever before. Posting spontaneous photographs – not just the ubiquitous selfie – means that the Internet is more visual than ever before. While written content is still king, visual content is what brings them in. The key to content, no matter what your posting, is to make it rich, informative, and interesting.

  1. Quality photography is a must. Whether you shoot your photos yourself as a professional or a hobbyist, or obtain your stock from a website, quality will stand out in the crowd. To be brutally honest, anyone with a camera can shoot a photograph. However understanding what makes a photograph appealing, and being able to compose a photograph is a rare talent. And for the love of Pete, no more women laughing with salad pics.
  2. Infographics are among the most highly shared visual content. 65% of people are visual learners, and those poster like images are targeted directly to your brain. Infographics can convey complex subjects and situations in just a few glances and clicks. People share them because they find them appealing, informative, and memorable.
  3. There is a reason that Internet memes never die. The combination of text and picture hark back to those awful vote of national posters that we have either been faced with in school or at work. As much as you hated them, you sure do remember them don’t you?

The combination of content and emotion, is what drives content to the viral level. Appealing to your customers’ positive emotions is going to get you there much faster, and make your brand one associated with good and positive feelings.

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