The Power of Facebook’s Custom Audiences

The Power of Facebooks Custom Audiences

It is not enough to have a Facebook page. It is not enough to update a Facebook page. It is not enough to have a strategy for social media. It is not enough to tweak your SEO.

You, Small Business Owner, are looking at each of these things without seeing what they really are – tools in a toolbox. You have a toolbox so that with the right tools, you can build something. You don’t have a wrench and a screwdriver and call it good. For a small business with a limited advertising budget, making use of targeting tools on social media can make a tremendous difference in ad response. This is one of the very things that Facebook’s Custom Audience allows you to do.

What Facebook’s Custom Audiences Can Do For You

A lot of you already use Facebook and Instagram, and even coordinate your postings. If it’s on your Instagram, it’s on your Facebook page, blog page, and so on. However, with Custom Audiences, your customer list is the key to keeping your ads working where you’ve already had interest and sales. By uploading, importing from MailChimp (and if you’re not using MailChimp – why not?), or copy/pasting your customer list, Custom Audiences matches the data to Facebook users. You can create Custom Audiences by target demographic, too.

This is not a new tool, it’s been around for some time, but it doesn’t get the attention or use that it deserves. This tool became even more important as this post was being written when Advertising Age announced that the Facebook Audience Network is expanding to serve ads to non-users in something of a direct challenge to Google’s AdSense Network. Given the 800-pound gorilla status of Facebook’s 1.59 billion active accounts that might not be an idle boast. Especially since Facebooks VP of Ads and Business Platform Andre Bosworth plans to improve the ad experience for users and non-users alike. Communications agency WPP spent $1 billion dollars placing Facebook ads for their clients, and while you may not have the budget of some of the big hitters, there is no reason that you can’t use this type of advertising to knock a few out of the park.

The potential of using Facebook’s Custom Audiences is about to get a lot wider with the new announcement. So getting in there and starting your ad campaign now is a great way to start. Using Facebook Insights, you can track how your ads are doing, and there are easy to understand guides to help you get launched. Social media helps you to reach people and build a relationship, instead of taking a scattershot approach to hoping that maybe your ad campaign will be a success. By success, I don’t mean that something goes viral, is hot for a week, and then you’re back to square one, I mean consistent, repeated improvement as you build and refine your approach.

What are some of your favorite social media tools for running your campaigns?


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