3 Email Marketing Solutions You’ll Love

3 Email Marketing Solutions You'll Love

Email is still a highly viable force in marketing. Anyone who tells you that email marketing is dead has everything completely backwards. Email marketing is still very much alive and vital to getting your company out there just as much as social media marketing.

In fact integrating your social media presence with email can produce some excellent results. Email can keep your contacts updated, clue them into events, and even deliver promotional coupons and discounts. You can make people aware of your brand, and bring them in to the funnel at several different points.

Entrepreneur notes that there are three basics to making email campaigns successful, and while these tips are oriented towards mobile email marketing, they are just as valid for people using desktops and laptops. In fact, many people sort through their email on a mobile device before checking it out on their desktop or laptop.

3 Email Marketing Solutions You Want to Try

3 Email Marketing Solutions You'll Love - Constant ContactConstant Contact: This email solution offers integrations with Facebook, HootSuite, and even with Zoho. There is tiered pricing, with the basic plan coming in at $20 per month or the Email Plus plan at $45 per month. There are significant differences in terms of the amount of file storage, the number of users, and access to advanced features such as automation, surveys, and trackable coupons.

3 Email Marketing Solutions You'll Love - MailchimpMailchimp: Mailchimp starts out with a tagline that simply says, “Send better email.” It has a free option so that you can dabble your toes in without committing, and is scalable from a small business first starting up all the way up to pricing for a professional marketing firm. Mailchimp integrates with the top e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magneto, Woo Commerce, and Big Commerce, and offers detailed reports on customer activity, conversions, and trends. Working with the free option can help to make you comfortable enough to finally get out that credit card and pony up for a membership.

3 Email Marketing Solutions You'll Love - ZohoZoho: This email management system emphasizes customer relationship management – or CRM – and offer you a great number of tools with which to work. It calls itself, “The operating system for business.” It income passes sales and marketing, email and collaboration, IT and helpdesk, human resources, and finance including inventory, invoicing, and expenses. If you want everything to do with your business in one place, this could be the app for you.

Whatever tools you use to reach out to your customers through email marketing, keeping it simple and elegant is the key to keeping it accessible, and is just one of the keys to a successful campaign. While you may start with one application, there is nothing to prevent you from migrating to another or even cross-integrating Constant Contact with Zoho. The best changes that you can make to your email marketing plan, are the ones that are easy to implement and show quantifiable results. Whether you bring the customer directly to your website, or to your blog, or social media page is entirely up to you. If you have other email marketing solutions that work for you, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.


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