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The Art of War and the Marketer Part 2: Measuring Results Means Preparation to Get Results

“Earth gives birth to length. Length gives birth to volume. Volume gives birth to counting. Counting gives birth to weighing. Weighing gives birth to victory.” ~ Sun Tzu All the great content, spot-on ads, and social media building is worth

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Is Calculating Social Media Marketing ROI Possible?

Social Media, ROI

The Internet is full of blogs and sites telling you how powerful social media is in conjunction with the rest of your digital marketing efforts. While this claim has plenty of stats to back it up, how do you know

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Social Media Isn’t a Sprint, It’s a Marathon

Having The Endurance  Over the weekend I attended an event where the topic was Endurance. The focus was related to how we need to stay focused, work hard and smart and not loose hope or faith, when things get tough. This

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