Ghost of Digital Marketing Present: Making Your Social Media Sparkle for the Season

Making Your Social Media Sparkle for the Season

Social media marketing has always been about living in the moment. Your post is only going to cross the feed of your followers once; the majority of them will scroll right by without a second glance. In order to get the attention of your target audience, you need to stay up to date with current events, sometimes down to the minute—Oreo’s famous Super Bowl blackout tweet from 2013 proves just how powerful being with the times can be, having picked up over 15 thousand retweets in a matter of days.

The need to keep up to date is never truer than during holidays. As the weather gets colder and the holidays loom ever closer, it can be difficult to maintain the constant stimulation that today’s social media users need to keep your business in mind when it comes time for holiday shopping. There are, thankfully, a few tips that businesses of any size can follow to help stay up to date and keep that social media campaign shining all through the holiday season.

  • Review last year’s campaign. How well did you do? What kind of posts got the best response and what kind wasn’t as well-received? If this is your first holiday season in business, check out the competition! Scroll back through those archives and see what they were doing last year; you’ll be able to see what worked through shares, comments and likes.
  • Run some powerful promotions. The winter holidays are a time of giving above all else—even for businesses looking to strengthen the bottom line. Using your social media to run contests and other promotions will make your current customers more loyal and help bring in hot leads in the business world’s busiest season.
  • Keep it visual! Remember that good content is the kind that sticks with people, and a picture is worth a thousand words. The holiday season is memorable in large part because of the sights, so driving your social media with visuals will give your campaign the power it needs to succeed during the most wonderful time of the year.

Some other great tips include keeping to a schedule. As the holidays eke closer and closer, you’ll want to be posting more and more often. About half of your customers are going to be using social media to help with holiday shopping, so you’ll want to make sure you’re posting daily instead of your traditional three to five times a week. Microblogs like Twitter and Tumblr should get multiple posts per day to keep up with the speed of the feed, but make sure the posts are relevant and worthwhile—and no reposting!

You know your audience better than anyone, so make sure that you’re offering the kind of content they want and need, but with a bright holiday twist. Stick to your schedule; if you can’t, don’t be afraid to enlist the help of an expert to keep you on the right track. You have to live in the present, but that doesn’t mean there’s time to be absent-minded!


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