Ghost of Digital Marketing Yet to Come: Up and Coming Web Design Trends

Up and Coming Web Design Trends

When it comes to keeping up with web design, too often it seems like some are beyond all hope. Even the subtlest shift causes dramatic changes in design standards a year or two down the road, making predictions about upcoming web design trends generally just the shadows of things that may be, rather than things that will.

However, by following the slowly bolstering threads of change weaving through the design world, it’s possible to catch a trend just as it hits and ride it clear into the next big thing in web design. Here are a few that are sure to just grow throughout the next year.

  1. Stretching out the scroll. As stated by the Awwwards not so long ago, the concept that all relevant content should sit above “the fold” has been proven as a digital design myth over and over in recent years. However, a great deal of designers continue to cling to this concept, bogging down the progress of web design. Thankfully, this means that you and your business still have time to get on board without coming out of the redesign process looking like you were trying to cover up a major mistake.
  2. Hidden navigation. As minimalist design gets more popular in the web design sphere, everything is getting cut. You’ve already seen the end of full-page background image, the reduction of gradients and eradication of reflected images—it looks like navigation is next on minimalism’s hit list. Obviously it’s not going away, but you can expect to see more “hamburger” menus hidden away in the upper corner of your favorite websites in the next year. Maybe yours should follow suit.
  3. Typography making a comeback. Web design and typography have always had a bit of a love/hate relationship. Users love typography that is both attractive and easy to read, and web browsers hate being coaxed to display a nonstandard font. Helvetica, Arial and even Times New Roman—ugh—long ago proliferated through the Internet, taking control of typography. Lucky for more creative designers everywhere, Google’s typography service, Google Fonts, is helping to change that one website at a time. With easy access on a CSS stylesheet and guaranteed clear display across modern browsers, this resource is sure to really shine in the coming year.

Internet supersites like Creative Bloq also predict a resurgence of individuality in the coming year; these upcoming trends certainly support that prediction, but on top of these you can expect to see the web fall in love with illustration all over again, with more rustic, natural artwork dominating webpages over the standard high-contrast dime-a-dozen photo.

It’s impossible to predict the future with 100 percent accuracy, but with enough scrutiny and attention to the details of web design’s changing face, you could be the first to catch the next big trend! If your website has a dated—or outdated—look, maybe your resolution should be to meet with a pro designer to get ahead of the design curve.


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  1. MaxBurst says:

    It is very important to keep up with the trends of digital marketing in order to stay relevant with the times.

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