Bring Your Joy to the World: Content Distribution

Bring Your Joy to the World - Content Distribution

While it’s nice to take the Field of Dreams outlook on content and assume that if you post it, they will come, this unfortunately just isn’t how it works in reality. The best content on the Internet won’t do your business any good if nobody can find it, and that’s where content distribution comes in.

There are a veritable cornucopia of content distribution channels out there, from groups on Facebook and LinkedIn to guest blogging for your affiliates; the question isn’t so much about finding channels these days, but rather finding techniques that actually work with those channels. As Business2Community reminds entrepreneurs everywhere, content distribution requires careful planning and a unique strategy for every channel. This means staying at the top of your game with regard to the techniques you use.

Here are the top three content distribution techniques that, with dedication and consistency, are sure to let your work out into the world.

  1. Find your niche. This is in reference to social media in particular. Join groups that are highly specific and relevant to your business, your products or your service and take advantage of an audience, a pack of affiliates and access to industry leaders all available in a network that would take you years to build up on your own. Make sure that every group you join is active, however, and be sure to keep your posts worthwhile, interesting and worth sharing with such a large audience. Posting good content to an active group pretty much promises you at least a few shares, and that will really get your content distribution rolling!
  2. Work in mixed media. Shareaholic explains this best, advising businesses to reuse and repurpose content as they see fit in order to appeal to multiple audiences. This is very different from reposting and cross-posting the same piece of content all over the web, however. Instead of just posting your most popular blog post over again, recreate it! Refine it and record your first podcast. If you made a great podcast, use it to create a corresponding whitepaper. Content that sings will sing in any form, and distributing it in multiple media will promise a wider audience.
  3. Don’t be afraid to buy a little exposure. You shouldn’t be paying for anything that promises instant results—if it sounds too good to be true it definitely is when it comes to digital marketing—but a handful of paid ads in the right places could help leverage your business up to the next level of exposure. In this case it’s a matter of good headlines, stellar content and landing pages that draw visitors in, but with the right guidance you’ll be good to go.

Remember that quality of content and distribution techniques go hand in hand: you need to have good content and powerful distribution techniques if you want to get your name out there. Make sure to craft your blog posts, photos and social media updates with care before you let them loose on the Internet!


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