The Changing Face of the Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook ads, social media marketingLike many businesses, you may use Facebook to help boost your traffic and conversions. However, the Facebook Ad Campaign tool goes through multiple changes throughout the year; the most recent batch has created a drastic change in overall structure, leaving many marketers at a loss. How can you achieve the boost to your business that Facebook has always provided if you don’t know how your campaign should be structured? Don’t worry, with a little research and a few tips you’ll be running at 100 percent again in no time.

According to Social Media Examiner, the first change you’ll notice in the structure of your campaign occurs at the ad set level. Each campaign is still based on a solid objective, you still set a budget and schedule for each ad set, but you must now also define your placement, targeting and bid settings at this level.

Setting these aspects above the advertisement level allows you to split test more effectively, working with ad sets instead of individual ads. This allows you to test targeting and bidding models that may be dramatically different from one another without starting a new campaign for each variation, making it easier than ever to establish what works best for your business, or your clients’ businesses. Testing multiple landing pages or different advertisement types still requires a new campaign for each, while split-testing different images and verbiage can still be done at the advertisement level.

According to social media guru Jon Loomer, this change in structure breaks the process down into a much more intuitive arrangement than previously established:

  1. Campaign level: the big picture. Here you’ll define your objective.
  2. Ad set level: backend details. Here you need to define your budget, schedule, placement, targeting and bidding.
  3. Ad level: getting creative. Here you’ll choose imagery, copy and calls to action.

Not only does this make the process of setting up a campaign more intuitive for marketers, it helps with your optimization by allowing you to make more informed decisions about what is working and what isn’t. Streamlining the split-testing capability of Facebook Ad Campaign will doubtless make all the difference in the world for your business, whether you’re a marketer or a client eager to get started on the social network.

It’s also worth noting that the new structure means the editor is now significantly more comprehensive, while still being clear and easy to use. Anyone confused by the old editor will doubtless be pleased with the new one, which offers a number of new section delineations to make editing ad sets more intuitive for all users.

While the ad set editor was previously a single section, it’s now broken down thusly:

  • Budget & Schedule
  • Audience
  • Placement
  • Optimization & Pricing

Overall, while the changes in structure may seem a bit confusing at first, before long you’ll doubtless find new appreciation for the changes. Anything that makes your job easier, after all, can’t be all that bad. Give it a whirl and see for yourself.


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