How to Increase Lead Generation With Your Blog

increase lead generation

As a business, you’re looking create more revenue streams. It’s understandable that in today’s world when it comes to choosing which content to click on or items to buy, users have many options. Still, a blog is a great way to generate traffic and leads.

Increase Lead Generation With Your Blog

These days, everyone has a blog for a variety of reasons. Nearly 63 percent of marketers say their top challenge is generating traffic and leads. If you’re one of them and wondering how to increase lead generation with your blog, then check our tips below:

Offer a Bonus or Exclusive Content

When you’re building your audience, your goal isn’t more readers. It’s to increase lead generation, which in turn creates clients. Bonus personalized reports and exclusive content help guide them there. Readers gain this type of content in exchange for their email address.

They either download it after filling out a form or it’s delivered via email. These marketing tools are highly valuable because they add relevant usefulness to your post and to your readers. Cheat sheets, Ebooks, checklists, and spreadsheets are examples of additional content upgrades.

Keep in mind that when an individual visits your blog, it’s because they want to solve a problem. It’s your goal to provide them a solution. If properly executed, these bonuses increase lead generation significantly.

Check Out Other Platforms for Ideas

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you’re fresh out of ideas. However, if you want to garner more leads through blogging, then writing about relevant and interesting topics aimed at your target audiences is ideal. Many tools can give you insight on the topics searched for and shared on social media platforms.

BuzzSumo gives you the ability to find popular topics on social media. Whereas, Google Keyword Planner allows you to discover a variety of search terms that relate to any particular keyword or keyword phrase. Another method is by joining a Facebook group related to your niche. You can frequently generate ideas based on the different topics being discussed or questions asked by members.

Finally, if you haven’t browsed Quora, then you haven’t lived. Just kidding! Quora is the place to be if you have a question about anything under the sun. Everyone comes out of their hiding places and safe spaces to ask (and answer!) the sometimes strange or unusual questions you typically won’t find elsewhere on the web. Simply enter the keywords related to your niche, and you’ll find a very large assortment of discussions related to your topic.

More Tips for the Road

  • Determine which topics perform best by creating a spreadsheet noting which one is shared more often, which one brings in more traffic, has more leads, etc.
  • Break your writing into readable sections that focus on providing a quality customer experience that fits into your marketing strategy.
  • Include a call-to-action (CTA) button in their natural scan path that encourages readers to click and opt-in.
  • Create a free resource library comprised of previous content upgrades.
  • Ensure your website design incorporates a responsive design and loads quickly because a slow loading page reduces the conversion rate.
  • Use a launch blog post and several follow-up posts to launch a new campaign.

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