The Secret to Increasing Mobile Conversion Rates

mobile conversion rates

Today’s consumer is an increasingly mobile individual. Consider this: nearly 80% of social media use and over 70% of general online media use occurs on mobile devices. That means that your customer – whether they are across the globe or down the street – is likely using a mobile device today.

This mobilization has changed the landscape of digital marketing as we know it, but one thing has not changed: the importance of having a good conversion rate. However, today’s businesses are increasingly concerned with their mobile-specific conversion rates, since these are the rates most relevant to the habits of today’s consumers. Here, we’ll show you some great ways to increase mobile conversion rates – and what that means for your business’s bottom line.

Improve Website Design

Your company’s mobile website design is perhaps the biggest task on your to-do list for improving mobile conversion rates. Without a solid site design, you have nothing to work from. Like a foundation of a building, web design should be your first priority when looking to improve the structure of your online presence. Consult a web designer and start there.

Shorten Loading Times

Nothing is more irritating to today’s consumer than pages that load slowly on mobile. This is one of the biggest reasons why people abandon a page; slow loading times almost always lead to a consumer becoming frustrated and looking elsewhere for what they want or need. If you don’t want your company to be the site that left a bad taste in a browser’s mouth from a slow loading page, optimize your site to load quickly on all devices.

Include Content that Today’s Consumers Want

Creating a great mobile website is about more than sleek design and functionality. It’s about giving your consumers what they’re looking for, and in the modern marketplace, that’s experiences and content. Sharing videos, captivating images, and other media content with your shoppers is a great way to get them involved while they browse – and keep them coming back to see more.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile SEO

Not only should your website be optimized for mobile unction, but it should also be optimized for searchability on mobile devices. SEO is an important factor in modern business success, and even more so in the world of mobile marketing. Talk to one of the professionals here at 4 Step Studio to learn more about mobile SEO and how to create a website that really puts it to work for you.

Improve Mobile Conversion Rates by Increasing Functionality

One of the best ways to improve your mobile conversion rates is to make a site that is more user-friendly. When people can navigate your website properly, they can do more -and buy more. Prioritize functions such as wish list making, browsing your site’s catalog, and checking out to streamline the visit for your consumer.

Prove Yourself – Even to First-Time Customers

Offering testimonials and positive reviews as part of your site’s design is a great way to provide so-called” social proof” of your company’s reputation to even the newest customers.

Include Opt-Ins and Notifications

What grabs someone’s attention when they’re on a mobile device? A pop-up or “push” notification. To harness the power of these notifications, include opt-ins for them on your website tout consumer browses. Let them choose to be notified about updates, sales, or promotions, as well as including prompts to return to their shopping cart of checkout when applicable. This will increase their time on your site and improve conversion rates.

Imply Urgency with FOMO Prompts

FOMO – the fear of missing out- is a commonly used tactic in marketing/ After all, who hasn’t picked up a few more items than they’d planned on because they were only on sale for a limited time? This same tactic can easily be used to encourage better conversion rates. Use pop-up prompts that give your customers FOMO to encourage them to buy before it’s too late.

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Get Personal – and Local – with Your Consumers

Most consumers are thrilled when they see a company caters to them locally. It’s all part of making your customer feel valued; when they know you’re available to them in their own backyard, they may be more likely to patronize your business. Use geolocation to cater to this need for personalization in the shopping experience and give your consumers a positive one.

Cut Down on Abandonment

One of the biggest problems with mobile browsing for goods and services is that consumers may lose interest, become distracted, or otherwise abandon the site they are browsing. When this happens, sales can be lost. To prevent that, it’s important to have retention methods in place. Prompt a consumer to stay by bringing up a pop-up image with a FOMO prompt, or follow-up with a push notification to keep their interest even after they leave.

Bring It Home with Payment Optimization

All these strategies are great for increasing interest in your goods or services, but contacts don’t become conversions until your consumer can pay for your product.

Payment optimization for mobile devices is an important part of making sales in the modern marketplace. Today’s consumer typically pays with a credit or debit card, or through an online payment service such as PayPal or Stripe. Having these methods readily available to your consumer on your mobile website means they are more likely to complete the sale – and you are more likely to increase your profits.

This is all a lot to remember. As you can see, increasing your mobile conversion rate isn’t a single-step fix, nor will it happen overnight. However, with the right approach and proper guidance from a company with industry experience, you and make it happen faster than you ever imagined.

At 4 Step Studio, our staff offers the kind of tools and expertise you need to improve not only your mobile conversion rate but your business’s overall function and profitability, too. Give us a call and let us show you how easy it can be to make mobile work for you!

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