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What Is a Landing Page?

What Is a Landing Page

Many people confuse a homepage with a landing page. A landing page is a standalone page, but a homepage with elements of a landing page is still not a landing page. As the search engines classify sites, a landing page

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What Makes Best Performing Landing Pages?

best performing landing pages

Landing pages are still one of the most important elements when it comes to increasing conversion rates on your website. The best performing landing pages aren’t just thrown together, but well crafted and thought out. If you’re going to spend

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Coming in for a Landing: Three Points for Your Page

Let’s talk about landing pages. What’s called a landing page is not just the page that turns up when someone goes to your home page, but any page on your site that turns up in a search engine and gets

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Creating Landing Pages for Online Advertising

Digital Marketing

Thinking about running a campaign on Google Adwords? Or Facebook? Or any other online advertising platform? Make sure you have a landing page that supports your ads and lets you track your ROI. One thing many business owners that are new to

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Coming in for a Landing: Designing for Conversions

Landing page, conversions

What’s the best way to measure your success online? Rising search ranks are one way, and one of the most popular and pervasive, but being the number one search result for your chosen search terms won’t help your business make

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Giving Visitors What They Clicked for: 3 Classic Landing Page Mistakes

Landing Page, marketing

Landing pages are used for multiple functions, whether as a way to draw a visitor in for a specific offer or simply the front page of your website. Just like every marketing philosophy, there are major dos and don’ts when

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