What Makes Best Performing Landing Pages?

best performing landing pages

Landing pages are still one of the most important elements when it comes to increasing conversion rates on your website. The best performing landing pages aren’t just thrown together, but well crafted and thought out. If you’re going to spend extra time on any part of your website, your landing page should be it since you need to put your best face forward. Here are a few key elements that makes for a great landing page.

1. Content and Data

When copywriters and marketers talk about content that’s rich in substance and information, it’s truly the bread and butter of engaging visitors to your website, and especially your landing page. Content can be just copy, but it’s also about visual elements and how you draw the visitor in. HubSpot states that some of the best landing pages that utilize small details are the most successful, such as including small icons to indicate what download formats you can expect to see, copy highlighted by arrows, and a box to subscribe to a newsletter.

2. Understanding the Goal

When you get into the finer points of landing pages, the ultimate goal can be lost in the details of design, and that goal is to convey what product or service your business is selling. Crazy Egg states that the best performing landing pages have a solid headline working for them, which should be under 20 words, preferably less. Copy is important when it comes to landing pages, and communication is key. You need to sock it to your visitor from the get-go exactly what they’re about to get.

3. State the Product or Service Clearly for Best Performing Landing Pages

Don’t just say what your business does in words, but drive it home visually. Kissmetrics recommends that your CTA (Call To Action) is displayed in a visually prominent button format that leads the visitor to do what you want, such as watching a video, shopping your site, signing up for a mailing list, or trying a product. You should never have CTAs that compete with each other, even though you can have more than one. Champion your top CTA with strong visuals and center stage billing.

4. Tell Visitors Why Use Your Business

One of the paramount elements of brand recognition and loyalty is trust. There are many ways to achieve this and drive traffic to your site, but once your customers are there, you need to reinforce this belief. WordStream recommends employing what’s referred to as trust signals, which include elements like counters, testimonials, and badges that indicate your business is registered with authorities or that you’re part of industry coalitions and groups. A good example of this might be a BBB accredited business. These stamps of approval should be displayed clearly on the landing page.

The best performing landing pages are all about quality content, smart copy, and compelling CTAs. The reason someone may be browsing your website can vary widely. They could be looking specifically for your services, checking out an offer they saw, or may have stumbled upon your site accidentally. The bottom line is that there’s a right way to craft a landing page, and if you do it right, your conversion rates will be top notch.

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