Avoid These Website Design Mistakes

website design mistakes

Website design mistakes aren’t limited to the technical aspect. Website content is just as important to help your beautiful website rank so visitors navigating the web can find you.

Avoid These Website Design Mistakes

If you’re looking to keep visitors around long enough to convert, avoid the following website design mistakes.

No Call-to-Action

What do you want visitors to do when they land on each page of your website? After a visitor lands on your website, the call-to-action should be absolutely crystal clear. If you want someone to travel along your sales funnel path, then you have to make it obvious. Even if you have a blog, and you want them to go from one post to the next, you still have to make it easy for your readers.

Your Company Info

Who is your company? What services or products do you sell? How does it benefit the prospective lead’s life? Why should they care? Tell your visitors who you are and why they should choose your company over your competitors. It’s that simple.

Pricing Isn’t Clear

There’s a trend among many businesses to leave pricing off of their website. To be perfectly frank, it’s highly annoying for prospective clients to not find a price list anywhere on your website. It’s helpful to have pricing listed on your company website. Transparency makes your business seem more dependable than the competition.

Bad Design & Linking

The structure of your website is essential. It impacts the way search engines rank your pages, and can make searching difficult for your users. By using proper structure and internal linking, it makes your important pages easier to find with an organized flow. Plus, it keeps your visitors on your website longer.

Avoid Duplicate Pages

Once you’ve obtained an SSL certificate for your website, make certain you set up a 301 redirect from the HTTP website version to the HTTPS version. It avoids the duplication of any web pages or even your company’s whole website. A professional web design firm is equipped with the knowledge to eliminate any duplicate pages with proper 301 redirects while securing your website from hackers.

Not Enough Content

Another thing that tends to be overlooked is preparing enough content to spread across the visitor’s journey. From the best performing landing pages to the last page of the funnel, every last visual detail to your goal needs to be addressed and presented on your website.

Reviews & Making it Local

If you’re a local company, then using testimonials from local customers and optimizing your website for location is unquestionably vital. If you have a business in Fort Lauderdale, then you need to create content that’s relevant to characteristics associated with the surrounding area. You wouldn’t create content pertaining to Orlando if you’re located in Fort Lauderdale, right?

Improve Your Website

Website design mistakes are easily avoided when optimizing your website with the user experience in mind. You’re not going to be able to toss a website together and expect it to automatically be optimized for growth. Speak with a professional at 4 Step Studio for all your website design needs, today!

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