Do’s & Don’ts of Successful Website Design and User Experience

Website design and User Experience

There are several factors to consider to create a successful website design and user experience. Before you start, permit us to lay out some simple rules to follow that allows you to provide the best possible user experience while producing a flawless, yet beautiful website design.

Do’s & Don’ts of Website Design and User Experience

Here are a few principles to stick with when you begin to create the foundation of your website design and user experience.

Don’t Ignore Readability  –  Do Use Eye-Tracking Data

Eye-tracking studies demonstrate readability is just as important as a visually pleasing website. Incorporating strategies like prioritizing and directing users to what you want them to read can help keep your visitor engaged with your content. Keep your design simple while drawing their attention to your offer or other important focal points.

Don’t Forget the Mobile & Tablet Users  –  Do This by Providing a Similar Experience Across All Devices

Remember, some individuals use their phone or tablet to surf the internet so customize your website to fit the user’s needs. It must operate efficiently, load quickly, and look great on larger or smaller screens.

Don’t Toss Everything Together  –  Do Create Clear Navigation

One thing that makes users quickly click off is a jumbled website with no clear navigation path. A successful website design and user experience include thoughtful organization with a clean layout. Consider using a grid layout to organize your website content, which allows users to easily digest the information.

Don’t Fill Your Website With Everything  –  Do Stick to Your Niche

Perhaps you want to promote a thousand different things but if it doesn’t fall under one category—keep it separated. If you’re promoting a fashion blog, don’t include irrelevant posts about video games. Create another website with any topic of your preference.

Don’t Post Poor Content  –  Do Take High Quality Content Seriously

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve probably heard it a thousand times—content is king. Design and copy must complement each other to produce a successful website design and user experience. Build a great content marketing strategy to keep your user engaged with relevant, quality content that is easy to understand.

Don’t Drag Things Out  –  Do Get to The Point

Unfortunately, today’s users have a very short attention span. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short, while getting to the point quickly. The easier you make it for them to get to what they’re looking for, your chances of conversion increase.

Don’t Autoplay Music or Videos  –  Do Give Users an Option

We can guarantee visitors don’t want to suddenly be blasted by your favorite song. Remove the irritation by setting the sound to mute by default. Give users the option to play or unmute your audio.

Don’t Skip Security  –  Do Secure Against Threats

Even though you may not think a hacker would target your website, it happens daily. From regularly updating your software platforms to using an SSL certificate, there are several simple ways to secure websites from hackers.

Don’t Assume Perfection  –  Do Check for Errors

Even the best make mistakes. It’s always a good idea to proofread and double-check for possible errors. Look for dead links, typos, broken videos or images. Before and after you launch, it’s essential to review your website for everything from typos to security leaks.

Final Word

While the principles of the user experience evolve as time goes by, the basic foundation remains the same: A successful website design and user experience incorporate a user-friendly design that is optimized to convert.

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