Coming in for a Landing: Three Points for Your Page


Let’s talk about landing pages. What’s called a landing page is not just the page that turns up when someone goes to your home page, but any page on your site that turns up in a search engine and gets a click or a page created for a specific marketing campaign. Now, when that click goes through, what do you want your customer to see? They need to see the information that they are looking for, and then find that information to be of enough value that they use that information to make a further decision aside from buying a product or service. For instance, they might joining an email list, gain access to members only content, contact a sales representative, or get an estimate. Everything is secondary to bringing them into the funnel.

Three Points to Consider

1.  Your headlines has to sell a benefit in less than nine seconds. You have less than eight seconds to deliver on what you promised when the user clicked your link. The modern attention span is less than that of a goldfish, and get the job done with one headline and perhaps 180 words, plus photos. If you don’t deliver the information that the user is looking for, they will bounce right back to Google.

2. Make your site usable, intuitive and secure. This means that your site loads fast on anything from a desktop to an iPhone, and is immediately available and usable to the person landing there. Buttons and dropdowns need to be visible and intuitive, and your site must be visibly secure for mobile and desktop shoppers. E-commerce via mobile device accounted for 30 percent of US based e-commerce in 2015, and this number is only expected to grow for the retail year ending this Christmas shopping season.

3. Clear call to action. Link this to the headline as much as possible and make it clear as day. “Get My 20% Off Coupon Now” or “Find Out How We Can Help” and “Get a Free Consultation” are just examples of what a call to action can do. You might also opt for, “Free Shipping if You Order Today!” There has to be a benefit in taking that action, and the user has to feel that there is a real value and a tangible benefit in giving up their information.

Spending Smart vs. Spending Big

Working with a professional in web design means that, yes, you are going to have to lay out some money. How much depends on what you want, how many pages are needed, what kind of campaigns you want to run, and what kind of SEO you’re doing. It eliminates the frustration of learning to do it yourself, and gets you to where you need to be faster and easier. In short, it’s smart money. Spending smart instead of big brings a whole different field of good results, so contact 4 Step Studio and we can get you moving!


4 Step Studio is an online marketing agency that specializes in website design and redesign, SEO, social media and more. Our team of experts focuses on helping small business get found online, while educating them on what will make them successful in the digital world. To learn more about what we can do for you, visit our website at

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