The Importance of Writing a Call to Action Effectively

Writing a Call to Action

Writing a call to action for a website, social media post, or an online marketing strategy is essential for giving potential customers one final push to seek out your business. Think of it as the goal you want your audience to complete. Without this, many people will take the information provided in a post without going to you directly to purchase your product or services. Keeping this in mind, shift your focus to creating a call to action that truly works.

What is a Call to Action and Why is it Important?

A call to action statement is usually a sentence or two that urges you to take immediate action. When you include a call to action in your piece, you are essentially pushing the reader to do something, rather than passively connect with your piece. For example, it could be a Facebook Ad prompting you to purchase services, products, or something else. As such, this is a powerful tactic for businesses with blogs, social media accounts, and other forms of online presence.

Writing a Call to Action

Writing the perfect statement that compels people to take action isn’t easy, but with time you can get a feel for how it needs to sound without coming across as overly pushy. There are many tips for creating copy that encourages your reader to act. Here are a few:

1. Be clear.

Don’t waste copy on a heartfelt call to action that neglects to tell the audience what to do. That’s why telling them the number they need to call, the link they need to click, or the address they need to write to is critical.

2. Use commands.

Verbs commanding action are absolutely necessary for writing a call to action. These can include words like:

  • Write
  • Call
  • Click
  • Get help
  • Buy

3. Start out with a reason why.

Though the essential, clear sentence “Click here now!” is a call to action, it isn’t a fully formed call since it doesn’t tell readers why they should click. Instead, start out telling them why they should do what you’re asking them to do, including how it can help them or why they won’t regret it. Give them a reason.

4. Use emotion.

Don’t be afraid to appeal to your readers’ emotions with psychological techniques. For example, let’s say your company is a chiropractic practice. Reminding your patients that you can help them safely recover and live a healthy life emphasizes your dedication to your patients. Plus, it shows the personable side of your brand, which is another positive.

5. Be creative.

Again, start with the basic click or call here command, then build on it. People are constantly being told what to do, so when they see another obvious call to action, they might ignore it. Use a creative spin to make them really want to take action. You can even disguise your call to action, as long as the next step is still apparent.

Bring Customers Your Way

No matter what your business does, a call to action is commanding that people take a chance on you. More so than anything else in an article or social media post, it is old school advertising at its finest.

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