Your Guide to the Top Website Design Trends for 2019

web design trends

When it comes to your company’s website, you want innovative, fresh design to be what catches your consumer’s eye – not outdated layouts, scripting, and interfaces. The problem is, unless you partner with a tech professional, understanding what’s fresh and modern in the world of digital design can be difficult. Web design trends are always changing, after all – how can you keep up with them if you aren’t well-versed in the industry?

The key is understanding the basics of how aesthetics and practical interfaces are changing. That, and partnering with a knowledgeable professional who can help you put those great designs to work for your business. Here’s more of what you need to know:

Web Design Trends to Watch

Inevitably, there are trends that make a splash each year in the digital design world. Here are some of the newest and most notable design trends we’ve seen in the last few weeks that are setting the stage for the coming months:

  • Appealing to the consumer’s emotions. Today’s shoppers are experiential in nature. This means that they are expecting more than just marketing from their favorite brands; they expect an entire experience. This is reflected in some of today’s best and most popular web designs. These websites have experiencing and designs that create positive feelings and experiences in visitors, giving them a reason to return again and again. Whether it’s extra features or just something that makes them smile when they see it, these design elements are in-line with today’s most popular marketing techniques – and are proven to work.
  • 3-dimensional designs. Many websites, apps, and other media are using 3-dimensional designs to create visual interest in their content. This is more than just the 3D art that was popular a decade ago – and now looks as dated as you’d imagine it would. Instead, these designs are more timeless, or at least designed to look that way. Think of layers of color made to look like you could jump right into the screen, or virtual objects that look like they could pop right out into your hand. Either way, the graphics are striking – and memorable for consumers.
  • Surrealist art-inspired designs. Art has been used in web design almost since the beginning of the digital era, but never has it been more fully incorporated into designs as it is today. Many of today’s most creative and innovative entrepreneurs, creatives, and startup brands are using surrealist and offbeat artwork to set their sites apart visually – and make them as appealing yet unique as they hope their services will seem to their visitors.
  • In the same way that bright, colorful, and artistic designs have taken over one side of the digital world, scaled-back, minimalist, and so-called “brutalist” sites designs have taken over the other. These site designs are kind of an antithesis of their brighter, more lavishly-decorated peers. They deliver the same amount of useful information, but little more. Harkening back to the 1990s, they are supposed to offer a kind of “raw” feeling that some users find refreshing in today’s glossy digital world. For those who want to show their consumers exactly what they’re made of and skip the frills, this is a trend to keep an eye on.

Web design trends

Web Design Staples That Aren’t Going Anywhere

Just as there are trends that are new and in-demand every year, there are also elements of website design that are likely to never go out of style. These elements are eternally in demand because of their classic design basis and their ability to be updated with each new waves of trends without losing what makes them work so well. Here are just a few of these elements:

  • Data visualization. Everyone loves to see the information they’re supposed to be processing in real time or in living color, right? Today’s most successful brands certainly think so. Infographics and visualization of important information is one web design trend that has remained strong throughout the last few years and only continues to thrive. Not only does it invite opportunities for attractive and fun graphic design, but it makes consumption of the information it offers easier for consumers – what’s not to love about this evergreen element of digital design?
  • Card-based design. This is a term often heard in the industry when designing web layouts that refers to a site that presents information in multiple “card”-like formats. This style sees regular updates and stylistic twists but is never likely to go out of style entirely, given its ease of use and readability, plus its simplicity in separating useful pieces of information and making them digestible for visitors.
  • Increasing accessibility. You may have noticed that brands and professionals of all kinds have made efforts in the last few years to increase the accessibility of their digital content. It is no longer enough to offer standard content online; today’s content must be user-friendly for those with disabilities, processing issues, varying degrees of language or reading capability, and more. Why? Because companies are realizing that their consumer bases are comprised of a wider variety of individuals than ever – and catering to that widening consumer base can only benefit their numbers. This trend toward increased accessibility in everything from more readable fonts to visual and auditory aids built into designs and more is likely to continue well into the coming year and beyond.

Who to Call for Web Design Help

Still need help understanding the difference in a longstanding staple of digital design and something that’s more in line with today’s hottest web design trends? That’s okay; the experts here at 4 Step Studio have all your digital design needs covered! From idea development to streamlining and website design, we can help make your vision for the perfect website a reality – all at a price you can’t afford to miss. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your company this year.

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