The Importance of Quality Website Design and User Experience

Website design and User Experience

What is the importance of quality website design and user experience? Building a valuable website that is easy to navigate should be your top priority when you are in the planning stages of your business’s website. Creating a website optimized for the user experience (UX) will deliver a pleasurable visit for your potential client.

What is the User Experience?

It’s no longer difficult to design a website and publish it for the world to see. Still, creating a website optimized with the user in mind is slightly more difficult than one would imagine, although not impossible to complete. Keep in mind that this small digital space, where your company resides, must be easily navigated, informative, and aesthetically pleasing.

However, this is an area where marketers struggle and may not even include in their projected digital marketing budget. As indicated in the 2017 Global Digital Outlook Study, only 36 percent of marketing agencies increased budgets to include user experience testing and research, with nearly 21 percent decreasing their overall digital marketing budget.

Why is UX Important in Web Design?

If your web design company does not take the user experience into account during the website development stages, then it’s setting your company up for potential failure.

Let’s say you navigate to a website, only to discover it’s loading slower than it takes your children to get ready for bed. The majority of people have a tendency to leave when a page doesn’t load in a timely manner. Consumers want to navigate a website optimized for faster loading times. A good web design company will always keep loading speeds in mind.

When you have a UX-optimized website, it’s easy for your visitors to navigate, locate information, make purchases, and gives them a reason to return. Essentially, you increase your web traffic and set your business apart from your competitors.

Tips for Developing a UX-Optimized Website

Responsive – Mobile use continues to grow, which means the majority of your traffic will come from someone using a mobile device. Make your site responsive for those on phones or tablets to create a mobile-friendly experience.

Keep it simple – Don’t include “fluff” for the sake of putting something on your page. Make transactions practically painless in every way.

Stay on topic – If you are a chiropractor, you’re not going to talk about personal injury law on your blog. Stick with topics relevant to your business.

Make Navigation Easy – If your visitors cannot easily locate the products on your website, they’ll leave. If you want to convert your visitors into clients or leads, make your website navigation straightforward.

Monitoring is a Must – Even after the website has launched, you will need to monitor the metrics, making adjustments as time goes by.

Understanding Website Design and User Experience

Having a solid understanding of the fundamental link between superior website design and user experience will set your company’s website apart from the rest, leading to higher conversion rates because your customer can navigate or purchase products through a seemingly breezy process. This makes the customer, and your company, very happy indeed.

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