How to Use Search Engine Keyword Tracking

Search Engine Keyword Tracking

If site content is king, then keywords are the power behind the throne. As a part of an overall SEO strategy, search engine keyword tracking is vital for making sure that the web crawlers are able to find and index your site and all of its content. Keywords are the terms that people are searching for when they use Google and other search engines to find information, products, and services. These search queries lead to pages that have been previously indexed and that carry the keywords in their metadata or in their on-page content. Researching and tracking these terms helps to form a strategy that brings people to your website when they use these queries.

KPI for Search Engine Keyword Tracking

For instance, let’s look at the top twenty keywords most commonly associated with the word “debt” using a free keyword tracker and break down the statistics using search engine keyword tracking. You’ll notice that there are five columns to the left of the page and each one is a KPI (key performance indicator) with a specific meaning for each keyword.

  • Volume: This measures the number of times the term has been queried.
  • IIAT: This is an acronym standing for In Anchor and Title. IAAT is a count of web pages where the search term appears in backlinks and in the title tag.
  • Comp: This statistic is a count of how many web pages are competing for traffic by using the keyword.
  • KEI: Measuring the effectiveness of a keyword is tricky. The Keyword Effectiveness Index rises as a search term becomes more popular, but at the same time popularity can make a keyword ineffective when too many people are using it.
  • CPC: Measuring Cost per Click is a simple formula that determines how financially competitive keyword has become. The most competitive keywords cost more money, but that’s not to say that they are the most effective keywords to use. There may be lower cost options that perform better and cost less.

In other words, when considering your overall SEO strategy, search engine keyword tracking has lots of variables. This is where long-tail keywords can be most effective – this is especially true when you enter a search term “debt lawyer near me.” The fields of use and competition are narrower, but effectiveness is higher, and the overall cost is lower.

We Know Keyword KPI!

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