Three Easy Ways to Boost Your Conversions

Website design, ConversionsThere are lots of different ways to increase website conversions, and a lot of people who will claim to tell you that they have a magic formula to boost your numbers. The methods vary in complexity and approach, but there are some that are just so easy there’s just no way around it. While people can fling around buzzwords and jargon, in this case it’s the clicks that do the talking.

Color Your World

The psychology of color is a complex subject, but the result is very simple: 92 percent of people say that color is the number one factor that affects their purchasing decision. For instance, studies show that women respond better to the colors blue, purple and green. The same study shows that men respond to blue, green and black. So if you are trying to appeal to both men and women, you should incorporate blue and green into your site. However, men are shown not to like purple, women tend to dislike gray, and both dislike brown and orange. Think about your site in terms of the audience viewing it—are you trying to appeal to women and men equally, or do you have a predominantly male or female target audience?

Ditch the Jargon

When you’re writing copy for your website, instead of looking to make a connection with insiders, think about language that will bring outsiders in. You need to bring in the people who don’t know anything about you or your product or service, but are potential customers. Think about how would explain this to someone you didn’t know, who didn’t have any knowledge at all about what you do. Keep it clear, keep it simple, and keep it concise.

Be Findable

You may think that just by virtue of being on Google that you are findable to all. However, by posting some good old-fashioned phone numbers and bricks and mortar address information, you can help to boost trust. Even if no one calls or stops by, they know where you are and how to reach you. This goes a long way to showing people that you are indeed a legitimate company. You don’t need to hide your telephone number and address on a contact page or down at the bottom of the page hidden in a footer. Post that phone number big and bold to let people know that you want them to call.

There are lots of other methods to boost your conversion rate. You can create social media campaigns, have a great mobile website, refine your SEO, and even create and deploy sophisticated email campaigns. But the cardinal rule for all of this is to keep it simple. Fewer bells and whistles that your customers have to deal with the faster they can understand your product and convert that interest and understanding that into a purchase. A lot of this is not DIY material, while there are some things that you can do yourself, smart money really knows when to find and utilize the expertise of professionals.

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