Website Building Platforms vs Custom Design


You need a website and you need one now: this is usually the sense of urgency involved when building an online presence for your company – especially if you are starting from scratch. The need to have something done right away is the main reason why many business owners will quickly depend on website building platforms with pre-made templates to get their sites up and running as fast as possible. Focusing on the benefits of custom website design over website building platforms, however, may convince you to change your approach.

Your Unique Vision vs. a Template

Chances are that you already have a unique vision in mind for how you want your website to look and operate. You may have researched your competitor’s websites to see what does and doesn’t work, so you more than likely have plenty of ideas that you would love to see developed for your page. There is no way that your unique vision can be created through a pre-made template. An original, homemade cookie recipe will taste much better than pre-made, prepackaged cookies. The same principle applies to your website. You need an “original recipe” baked with your own “ingredients” and ideas – something that a generic template cannot provide.

From Scratch vs. Ready to Serve

Investing in a quality custom website allows you to have a team of experts develop your company website from scratch. As digital marketing consultants, they will research your industry and target demographic to ensure that your customer’s needs are met. Every featured added to your site – from product placement to the colors and fonts used – needs to consider those key factors. As you already know, what works for one company is not always going to work for another company. Having a custom website built from scratch allows you to only use what works for you.

On the contrary, website building platforms essentially have “ready to serve” websites that are not tailored to your specific business at all. While it may cover the basic needs of webpages and standard content, that is all you are going to get. Keep in mind that nearly 80 percent of customers dissatisfied with your website’s performance will be reluctant to visit it again in the future.

Modern Design with Advanced Functions

A major benefit offered by customized websites developed from scratch is the chance to have modernized designs with advanced online functions. Most website building platforms have outdated templates and models created years ago. Trust in a digital marketing team that is up-to-date on the current trends and models used to boost website performance and efficiency.

For instance, responsive design is becoming more of an expectation for consumers than a preference. It is vital for your company website to be able to maintain its efficiency and performance regardless of the device your customers use to access it. Developing a custom website with an expert team on your side will allow you to do just that. It is true that you may have to invest more time and money into your website development by choosing to avoid website building platforms. However, the increased performance and efficiency of your online presence will make it all


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