3 Last Minute Social Media Marketing Hacks for the Holidays

Social Media, Marketing, HolidaysSocial media is the name of the game all year round, but the holidays are one of the most important times to pull out all the stops. Here are three tactics to do one last round of social media marketing and cash in before the end of the busiest shopping season of the year.

Pop Out a Last Minute Bargain

The first thing to remember is that there’s plenty of sales to go around if you can attract customers with the right deals, at the right time. Last year, $417 million in sales was done online on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, according to Statista. That means that people are on the prowl for special deals, and by playing the dark-horse retailer with a promotion at the last minute, you stand to gain a big response. Social media is the best way to wield this weapon, since time is of the essence. Getting a last minute deal to go viral is taking a chance, but you could rope in a lot of shoppers scrambling to find a reasonably priced gift at the eleventh hour.

Respond to Events in Real Time

Ramp up your efforts to respond to customer inquiries in real time.  Social media provides an invaluable way to connect with your customers on the ground level, especially in an age filled with lots of commercial noise and an overabundance of information. As the end of the holiday shopping season draws near, take extra time to interact with your customers on your various social media accounts. If someone pins one of your products on Pinterest, offer a special discount for everyone that re-pins the item. Piggyback your efforts on what’s already happening, but connect, connect, connect. One of social media’s strongest attributes for businesses is the ability to engage up to the minute with what’s going on with your customers.

Engage Customers on a Personal Level

The best way to utilize social media during the holidays is to engage your customers by encouraging them to share their own familial or cultural traditions. For example, Marketing Profs CCO Ann Handley suggests to Inc. that one way to draw out this response is to foster discussions between customers about their own unique traditions. Social media is the perfect platform to do this, since the very nature of these sites is to create a sense of community. You can also make this approach into a creative endeavor by inviting customers to not only share their experience, but also quantify it in some way, such as sharing photos or posting recipes. Provide a sounding board on how different people interpret the holidays, and connect with your customers in the context of the season. This creates a rapport that can’t  be replicated by any marketing strategy.

Everything in the holiday shopping season is a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants experience, and social media is the best way to stay in the game. Don’t think that just because your marketing tactics are last minute that they’re pointless. During the holidays, some of the most successful campaigns are ones done at the pace of your busy customers.


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