Small Business Content Marketing: How to Write Great Blogs That People Want to Read

Write Great Blogs

Writing a blog is a great way to communicate with your customer base. However, a lot of people, despite their professional expertise, really don’t know how to write great blogs. Blogs are not white papers, unless you’re writing for a specialty audience, you really need to put jargon and terminology aside. A blog is supposed to open up your business to people who might not understand the terminology, but do know that they need your product or service. A blog is supposed to make you more accessible and understandable.

Writing Great Blogs Is Good Business

Writing blogs helps you build an audience for your product or service. By providing information on what it is you do, you help potential clients and customers to make a purchasing decision, and then build on that relationship. There are just a few tips that can help you start writing blogs that will grow your following and your customer base.

1. Don’t try to be anyone but yourself. You have a unique voice, and you need to use it. Standing out in the crowd requires a bit of individuality and inventiveness. One way to capture your unique voice is to use talk to text software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking. This will capture the “flavor” of the way that you talk. It takes a little bit of effort to learn, but can really speed your blog posts along.

2. Write in advance. Instead of churning out blogs just before their due, create a number of posts that can be used throughout the month. Post them on a regular schedule so that people know when to expect your blogs.

3. Stay on target. In each blog post you should be addressing one topic, and making 3 to 5 points on that topic with each post. For instance, if you’re a bankruptcy attorney, you can make a post on the topic of credit card debt, and then in the post make between three and five points about credit card debt that will help your readers understand how much debt is too much debt.

4. Don’t be afraid to dive deep. If you create a 300 word post on a given topic, you might want to dive deeper into the subject and explain in more detail with a 1000 to 1500 word post. After all, why would you want to bring in the eyeballs with 300 words, and then allow them to search elsewhere for a more in-depth answer?

If you can’t write great blogs, odds are that there are services like ours that can create great posts for you. With 4 Step Studio, we can find writers to do anything from whipping up a bullet pointed list into a full blog post, to writing your most technical white paper needs. We can sit your style, clarify your voice, and even help you to produce a vlog or podcast that will help you reach your target audience. Contact us today and let’s get started with getting your voice heard loud and clear.

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