Five Most Important Blogging Tips for Lawyers

Blogging Tips for Lawyers

Attorney blogs are some of the most popular and most read blogs on the Internet. Let’s face it, whether it’s from need or simply curiosity, people like to learn about the law. They want to know how to defend their rights, what to look for in an attorney, what legal avenues are open to them aside from filing a case in a court of law, and how the courts really work. A huge number of everyday citizens are entirely ignorant of very basic rights granted to them by the laws of their own country. Legal blogs offer valuable information and insight that is comprehensible to someone outside the profession, and also serves the purpose of showcasing your knowledge and expertise.

Blogging Tips for Lawyers 101

1. Current events.

Your legal take on current events as it relates to your specialty can really bring in a client who is on the fence about hiring an attorney. For instance, a bankruptcy attorney could write about the current spate of retail sector bankruptcies, or an intellectual property lawyer could comment on the recent Supreme Court ruling in the case of Impression Products v. Lexmark International.

2. Consistency.

The life of an attorney is a busy one, however it is very important that in order to have a successful blog that your articles be posted on a consistent schedule. Create a schedule and write some posts in advance so that you will never skip a posting date. Additionally, you’ll be able to build yourself as an authority to be trusted in your specialty.

3. Engage!

When someone leaves a comment on a post, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. Even if you just respond to praise with a thank you, it is a gracious and polite thing to do. Of course, you should make it clear that you can’t offer your best legal advice unless you get that person into a consultation.

4. Disengage!

You are passionate about your interests and your practice, but don’t make the mistake of feeding the trolls. Internet trolls are individuals who exist simply to stir things up, it makes them feel important and noticed, and also contributes to their notoriety. You must be discerning about who is and who isn’t a troll, and what varieties may make an appearance on your blog.

5. Keep it professional.

As far as blogging tips for lawyers go, this is a biggie. While no one is going to deny you the option of erring your private opinions on your public blog, it’s a good idea to keep a separate personal blog at a distance from your practices.

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